International Day of Families 2024 is on Wednesday, May 15, 2024: Is International Business a good major?

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 is International Day of Families 2024.

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Is International Business a good major?

International Business is an excellent area of study. There are many perks to this career, the most obvious being able to travel and see the world. You can also get those frequent flyer miles, which is useful when you want to take the family along on a vacation. Additionally, its not nearly as technical as science based majors such as engineering or computer science.

BUT, international business or any other undergraduate degree in business should never be something students pursue. WHY, you may ask? Well, the thing is that when you don't specialize in SOMETHING, you can't bring anything to the table for a business. So, when you apply for a business position, the hiring manager will surely ask what you know: " What skills do you have? Accounting, finance, information systems, operations? " What will you reply? " Nothing".

All you know is general business lingo and procedure but nothing specialized that could be useful for a business. You have no formal experience so you can't demand a certain position. Thus, it will be very difficult to find a job anywhere without a specialty.

Therefore, I STRONGLY suggest you specialize in an area of business. Personally, I recommend accounting because accounting is the language of business. Knowing accounting will allow you to better understand business as a whole because you know whats its based on...profit. However, any area will do fine as well.

Since I noticed you mentioned fashion, it's not a bad idea to specialize in an area outside of business as well. For example, you could major in fashion or related field and if you decide to go international, you could go back to school and then major in international business to learn how to run it successfully.

Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and similarly, you won't have that dream job of traveling to Paris, London, Tokyo, etc immediately. It takes time and patience. During your early years, you should be building a foundation so that later you can climb to the top.

In conclusion, please take my advise in mind when deciding on your business major. I can't make you do anything but I would hate that you waste your time in college receiving a general business degree (such as business administration or management or international business) and then have no luck finding a job. Then keep in mind you have to repay loans you may have borrowed, perhaps you get married soon after graduating, or you decide to buy a nice car. How will you pay this? With thin air or more loans?

Just think about it. Businesses always need accountants to crunch numbers for them, finance agents to help run the business without bankruptcy, or information system analysts to address critical business needs.

Best of luck!

PS: Even if your dad is upset, if business is truly what you want to do for a living, then by all means go for it. A lawyer makes good money but there is no reason following business won't make you rich either. Tell your dad to keep that in mind and hopefully he'll change that frown upside down =)

Does any one have any advise about staying on International drive Orlando. .?

Does any one have any advise about staying on International drive Orlando. .?

International Drive is great for a holiday.

We are a family of 2 adults in our 20s and a 5 year old son. We went two years ago and is now the only holiday we will take. We actually did 7 days at International Drive and 7 in ClearWater beach, but spent those 7 days travelling back to International Drive.

I would say do a flydrive as you will need a car. I don't think you could spend the whoel 7 days just on ID.

ID itself is full of restaurants offering all you can eat buffets. Kids eat free lots too.

There are fantastic things to do like Wonderworks which is a building which is built upside down as if it has been picked up, turned upside down and dropped. It is full of unusual things you have to see to believe. The Better Believe It museum is the same but is more look at things while Wonderworks is hands on.

We were regulars at Dunkin donuts - so cheap - we regulary came out with a huge box of 24 donuts just like you see on Simpsons.

We had a Disney pass too, although the only parks we would recommend are Magicx Kingdom and the Water parks. Animal Kingdom was a bit lame and we found nearby Tampa Park much better - but you need a car.

There is also Wet and Wild - a fantastic water park right on Internatinal Drive and a theme park with roillar coasters.

If you dont have a car there are busses called iRide which take you places like the Wet and Wild.

The dinner shows are fantastic we would recommend the Dolly Parton one and a Pirates Adventure one. You go to a themed building and see a live show while sitting at tables and eating, there is lots of audience participation.

Your rep will try to sell these to you, but it is cheaper to find them and pay yourself.

Go a bit further afield and you'll find fantastic shopping outlets - ahain with fantastic food and cheal clothes.

I went with half empty suitcases and came back with them buldging - you wont believe how cheap some of the clothes are - especially desiger stuff.

At all hotels you will find leaflets and maps - take as many as you can on your first day and plan what you are going to do. Lots of these carry money off vouchers for food and outings - make good use of them.

Crazy golf is done on a much bigger scale - also a good thing to do.

If you can, go to a Shells restaurant. It is a seafood restaurant where all fish is fresh that day - it is so cheap and the best meal I have EVER had anywhere in my life. Ask your hotel for directions.

And, Denny's for breakfast - pancakes and sausage mmmmmm. You get so much so cheap.

The people are really nice too - but be prepared to tip for EVERYTHING! Even going the loo you will find toilet attendants. Just remember though there is no minimum wage and wages are often so low tips are the only way these people get by. If you get good service - which you are bound to - reward it with a tip!

Sorry it was a bit long - hope it helps.

If you need anything else message me!

ps. some people say it is a dangerous palce and not to take maps and cameras or look like a tourist. This is complete rubbish. We took maps everywhere - even walking down the street with them. It is a tourist place, you will be over-run with other tourists. We always had our camera and plenty of cash with us. I think some people get too paranoid - granted you have to be careful and sensible like anywhere else - but don't go over the top thinking you'll get mugged and robbed at every opportuinity becasue you wont, and you'll just end up worrying your holiday away. Just have fun!

Where should I plan my first international family holiday Dubai or Singapore?

Where should I plan my first international family holiday Dubai or Singapore?

Dubai is one of the most expensive cities for hotels. So you probably want to try another city.

Both Singapore and Hong kong are modern family friendly cities. Hong Kong has Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disney, plus a lot of cultural activities. You can also pop across to Macau and even plan a short visit to Main land China. Which means, you can easily find a lot to do for 10 days.

Singapore has a similar reputation as Hong Kong, but is perhaps better for older families.

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