International Change Your Stars Month on January, 2023: As anyone booked in euro star train+hotel?

January, 2023 is International Change Your Stars Month 2023. The Holiday Whiz: January 2013 month-long celebrations Change Your Stars! Month

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As anyone booked in euro star train+hotel?

We (good lady and I) did this a few months ago - for the third time, actually, - and found it all exactly as we wanted. Can't remember what it cost for 3 nights staying in a 2 star hotel on the Boulevarde Montparnasse, but it was about the same as you are paying.

I'm not sure what experience you want to hear about but here are a few of the things we usually arrange (and pay for beforehand on the internet) to make our few days more enjoyable.

Buy a Parisvisite ticket (see: - the website of the Paris travel system) for the central zone (Zone 1) for 72 hours (that's for a 3 night stay) The ticket lasts for 72 hours from its first use. So if you arrive (for example) in Paris G du N at 3.30 pm on a Monday then your ticket will be valid until 3.30 on Thursday. This ticket will give you unlimited use of the buses, Metro (Paris tube) and RAR (the Paris suburban overground railways) for the 72 hours. It saves hours queueing. Also, download a map of the tube system and work out how you intend getting from your hotel to the various sights you wish to visit. The ratp website does have a device which will work out routes for you. You put in your start point, your destination (eg. Eiffel Tower) how you want to travel (eg. Metro) and it works out the route, tells you which tube lines to catch, where to change trains and how long your journey will take.

Second, book and pay for a tour on the open-topped buses. There are several but we used Cars Rouge (see their website) You buy an advance ticket which actually lasts for 48 hours. They have 9 stops and you can get on and off as you wish at Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum, etc.

This means you don't have to bother about finding your way to each site - you just wait for the next Red Bus. The ticket price includes headphones so you can listen to an English commentary.

Third, you must take a trip on the River Seine. You can buy the tickets online (Bateaux Mouche) or at your hotel. Best time to go is as it gets dark because all the main sights are floodlit and it really is brilliant - if it doesn't rain. You can take a dining tour but (a) it's very expensive and (b) you'd miss all the floodlit sights.

You will find Paris very expensive. We had a cheap and cheerful meal before we boarded the Bateau Mouche and paid over £6.00 each for a cup of coffee. Sitting at a pavement cafe on the Champs Elysees is very romantic. But VERY expensive.

One other thing, the tourist spots and the tube stations and trains are crawling with thieves and pickpockets. Carry your possessions in a zippable bag with the strap over your shoulder and the bag held in front of yourself. This applies to men and women. Carry money/passport in a money belt under your clothes, if possible. Mine attaches to my belt and tucks inside my trousers. There are east European beggars all over the place and ethnic pick-pockets on the trains.

Enjoy you stay!!

i ve done hotel mgt 17 months of WE,want to change field grow career earn money

i ve done hotel mgt 17 months of WE,want to change field grow career earn money,shud I go for mba from US?

Your idea to own business is best and by grace of God and your good luck you are working with 5 Star hotel which is a big credentials . What i suggest is continue for some more time working with this hotel where you work and try to learn maximum what you can about administrative jobs too .

Second best is - search for studying MBA in US or Italy who permits you to work for part time and week ends to maintain your livelihood and stay there . There are ample avenues to your own your business of hotels in US and Europe however you need to be thorough

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