I Forgot Day 2022 is on Saturday, July 2, 2022: my husband forgot valentines day?

Saturday, July 2, 2022 is I Forgot Day 2022. July 2 is I Forgot Day to Remember Lost Birthdays, Anniversaries ... I Forgot Day

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I Forgot Day

I Didn't remember Day provides you with the chance to compensate for failing to remember birthday celebrations, wedding anniversaries, as well as individuals days you believe you may forget later on.Apologise (belatedly) for anything you’ve skipped, let slip or else forgotten!

my husband forgot valentines day?

Guys forget stuff, but using that old Hallmark excuse is pretty classless. The jerk is just trying to deny responsibility.

Why do boys forget important days?

Why do boys forget important days?

Those days are not important to the ones who forget them.

Just another day on the planet.

Have we all forgotten this day?

Have we all forgotten this day?

I do not have it in me to ever forget an unprovoked attack on our nation; at least the Japanese had some honor in attaching a military base. These cowardly savage ancient tribes who think to harm America must all be crushed. They hate us because we support Israel and that we are infidels in there ignorant brainwashed heads. I try to keep 9/11 in my mind at least in some minor way each & every day just as I say a prayer for every servicemen & women who has ever blessed our nation with their service to it, they are all our countries best & true hero’s.

As for the “President” Bush haters, that is their right but I only hear illogical nonsense out of them every time they speak, their hatred blinds them. I totally dis-liked “President” Clinton but never spoke with such disrespect for his presidency as the Bush hater crowd does. We all go to the polls every four years, so they should learn to live with it until then.

For me, when our Soldiers and Marines stop soldiering and become policemen & nation builders then it is at that very moment when we should withdraw them, so because there is no real clear cut mission in Iraq now (Based on the reasons we went in there in the first place. “Resolution 1441”) i say we pull them out but if that is not to come then I support them unconditionally to the end.

So ▪Ψ~ RZ ~Ψ▪ I never have and never will forget 9/11



United States Marine Corp

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