Hiroshima Day 2022 is on Saturday, August 6, 2022: What to see in Hiroshima in one day?

Saturday, August 6, 2022 is Hiroshima Day 2022.

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What to see in Hiroshima in one day?

First thing in the morning, take the 9:00 ferry to Miyajima from Miyajima-guchi station. You'll be there in 10 min. If you concentrate on the main attraction-the torii and the main temple and its surroundings, you might be able to see it for 2 hours,and to catch the ferry back to Hiroshima (there's ferry every 15 min).

Once in Hiroshima, the must-see spots are the A-bomb dome and the Peace museum, which might really shock and depress you. So I suggest you to see either the Hiroshima castle or the Shukkeien.They are both small, only Shukkeien was little bit difficult to find.

Take a look at them here:

And try Hiroshima Okonomi-yaki and momiji -manju. I love the cheese-flavored one! Yes, and the deer at Miyajima do eat manju if you offer them, or even look at them long enough.

how do japanese celebrate hiroshima day??

how do japanese celebrate hiroshima day??

Both the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki hold memorial services and peace rallies on the anniversaries of the atomic bombings. These events draw a large number of Japanese as well as international anti-war supporters.

what do they do on peace day hiroshima?

what do they do on peace day hiroshima?

Hooray LlordLloyd!

I've had it with this "poor Japanese" crap. Go ahead with the thumbs down!

Was the bombing a horrific event - YES.


No one seems to know or remember that the Japs started this whole thing when they decimated the Chinese 13 years before - murdering over 200,000 and raping 100,000 more. They then spent the next 13 years raping, pillaging and decimating the Chinese.

What about the unprovoked surprise attack on Pearl Harbor that killed thousands of innocents?

How about the way they treated their prisoners of War - as slaves to be worked to death.

Then WE go, after Hirohito FINALLY decides he'll give up his divinity and allow U.S. Occupation (and that was only after Nagasaki) and rebuild their entire Country! He NEVER accepted responsibility for the War. Never. He only mentioned that it ended in an unfortunate way. WOW! What an apology!!

And now the revisionists are having you do a Memorial for the Jap civilians who were killed in the bombing. Those Jap civilians were working in war industry in their HOMES, then spending their "free" time training in how to murder Americans.

This is Memorial Day week-end. It's not meant to demean the sacrifices made by OUR mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and NOW our SONS.

I'll give them a party.

Do I wish being bombed or radiation sickness on anyone? NO.

Do I wish our do-gooder, No Child Left Behind mentality taught our children the TRUTH instead of trying to make you feel sorry for the Japs? YES!

They don't have parties, dear, but they do "honor" their ancestors according to the Shinto religion and I imagine there will be gatherings across the City - such as the pretty lights on the river.

NOW -YOUR job is to find out why we had to drop those bombs.

And, more immediately, attend the Memorial Day activities in your town or City. Not just the parade - the dedications and the like.

THAT's what your teacher should be having you do. Me, my girlfriend and our sons and a couple of their friends have been helping us clean up our Veteran's Memorial all week. (They are getting extra credit at school for helping.) Today we go get the flowers and finish it up. I will NOT have it look crappy on Memorial Day. My Father's name is on it.

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