Health Information Privacy and Security Week on April, 2023: hcs483 Electronic Health Records Presentation?

Health Information Privacy and Security Week 2023. Healthcare IT Security - Endpoint, Email & Mobile Security‎ Custom Solutions For HIPAA & HITECH

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hcs/483 Electronic Health Records Presentation?

This is not a question, it is a homework assignment. What are you asking?

question for wrg or anyone else that can help?

question for wrg or anyone else that can help?

Below I have included some information on hidden security camers. I would like to add that if you yourself are the one with the camera filming from your standpoint and no one else then there is nothing illegal about that.For example a local bar has not cleaned there bathrooms for over three months.I went in over a three month period of time and photgraphed the same bathroom stall with my camera phone.The bathrooms showed the same filthyness grow worse with each passing week.That is legal and legitamite.

Laws that govern how individuals can use hidden security cameras vary from state to state. Many people believe that the use of security cameras infringes on an individual's right to privacy. However, there are no strict federal regulations outlining privacy rights regarding security cameras. Cameras that are hidden and in places that people commonly expect privacy are sometimes prohibited by state law.

.Difficulty: Moderate

Instructions.Things You'll Need:

Computer with Internet access

Legally Use Security Cameras to Avoid Breaking Privacy Laws


Research your state laws regarding security cameras and how they can be used on the Radio-Television News Directors Association and Foundation Web site (see Resources below). Many states do not consider using hidden security cameras to be breaking privacy laws.


Contact your local law enforcement for local security camera regulations and local privacy laws to make sure you are legally installing your cameras before you begin to record.


Post a sign or notice outside of your place of business or home informing people of the fact that you are employing the use of a security camera for your protection. If individuals are properly informed that they are being filmed, they can choose whether or not to enter your house or place of business if they do not want to be caught on camera. This way you might avoid breaking privacy laws.


Get advice from a lawyer in your state about breaking privacy laws and explain how you intend to use security cameras. A lawyer will be able to tell you about your liability and any privacy laws you might potentially be breaking before you install the cameras.


Ensure that you avoid using hidden security cameras in areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. These areas include bathrooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms and other places where privacy is expected.


Read more: How to Legally Use Security Cameras to Avoid Breaking Privacy Laws

Can you visit people in a hospital?

Can you visit people in a hospital?

Your friend will probably need to contact you. Because of The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), hospital receptionists can't just tell anyone who calls and asks that the patient is there. The only way the receptionists could legally give out that information would be if the patient signs a release to allow it.

Patients with behavioral health diagnoses need especially tight privacy/security concerning their medical information, because of all the ignorance and bigotry that exists.If they don't keep their diagnosis a secret, knuckle draggers can wrongfully ruin the patient's career, their credibility in the community, ect. Sometimes, because of all the ignorance and gossip that could happen, people with medical problems such as major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia haven't even disclosed their illness to their families.(sigh) It's a pretty sad state of affairs. If this woman had fallen down with a heart disorder, support and encouragement would be coming out of the walls. But when someone falls down with certain brain disorders people tiptoe away backward looking horrified when they should be giving support and calling to see if there's anything they can do to help.That's my two cents worth. I'll get off of the soapbox now. But my point is if your friend doesn't want the hospital to tell people she's there it's probably not about you, but rather about society's attitude.

If you do track her down and she wants visitors, be aware that,by the time someone lands in the hospital with depression they're usually feeling pretty terrible. Someoone in distress with a major depressive episode may not want to talk much, their brain may be working more slowly than usual, and they may tear up very easily, just so you'll be prepared.

I hope your friend feels better soon.

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