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Monday, October 18, 2021 is Hard Boiled Guy/Girl Day 2021. Johnny Acurso Illustration: Adaptation Show The story centers around a guy

Graduation Party Idea/Cost Help?

for a BBQ party look into getting chicken thighs to cook on grill

marinate half in Italian or Greek dressing & half in BBQ sauce. after they have marinated boil the sauces for a few minutes to kill bacteria then use the sauces to baste chicken as it cooks.

get a few large watermelons & make a pasta or potato salad. provide drinks, paper goods etc

if you write on invite I'll be making bbq chicken & salad please bring a dish to share

I don;t think people will mind. Ask you closer friends, or family (people you know will follow through) to being stuff you feel you need (ice, chips, dip etc)


hard to give you prices but things to keep in mind in warm weather people will prob drink 3 drinks every 2 hrs.

if the party is finger food only have the time be between meal times so people don't think they will be getting a meal

if you are doing finger food average 3 piece per person per hour of the party, more for teen age boys!!!

for chicken talk to the meat counter at your grocery store tell them how many people & ask what they would suggest

you might also want to look into turkey breast easy to cook on grill or roast turkeys and or hams the day before & serve with rolls, sliced cheese, mayo & mustard

keep soda choice simple ... water, cola, diet cola & a clear soda or if you have access to the large coolers with a spout you can make ice tea, lemonade or punch inexpensively

for large containers freeze some of the beverage in small tupperware containers to use as ice in the coolers to keep drinks cold

an easy way to keep cans or individual bottles cold is to fill a kiddy pool with ice & put the drinks in there. make sure to place food & drinks on sturdy tables in the shade

if you are doing a pool party see if you can borrow dining flys for shade also 2 different tents as changing rooms for guys & girls , this will help keep wet people out of house. keep the tents on opposite sides of yard to to avoid "peeping".

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How do i lose 30 lb in five months?

How do i lose 30 lb in five months?

I have experienced success by eating like this:

Cut out all breads, pasta, cookies, cereals, crackers, chocolate, sweets, icecream, cakes, pizza, all fast food etc...basically anything made from flour & away from sugar. They are all called simple carbs. They are simple carbs which leave us hungry for more & that's what makes us fat.

We need to have lots of complex carbs. (fruits, veggies, salads, protein.)

If you want a snack like crackers or something...go buy gluten free rice cakes from the health food store. Snack on 1 or 2 a day. Don't have too many of those either. The only sweet you can have is maybe a tbsp of honey on a rice cracker. Just don't have more than one.

Make sure you have ahead of time (like night before) cut up carrot sticks to munch on the following day. You can put lemon on them for more taste.

Avoid cold cut meats. No ham, sausages, mortadella, salami, pepperoni, etc...If you can, stay away from dairy products...believe it or not:dairy makes us fat too...like a cow.

By doing this...you will lose lots of weight.

I'll give you an example of what to eat okay.?

breakfast: 1 banana & 1 kiwi or orange or 1 hard boiled egg

1 glass of milk

drink 2-3 glasses of water

lunch: grilled chicken or turkey breast(portion should be the size of your palm) w/ some lemon squeezed on it...mmm I like lemon

romaine lettuce salad, tomato, grn onions, grated carrot, radish & whatever other green you like in there. Dressing should be balsamic vinegar or wine vinegar w/ olive oil.

stay away from ketchup, mayo & bbq. sauce

or you can have stir fried veggies w/ rice...also very good. You can eat rice but not pasta.

snack:14 walnut halves or 20 almonds

a fruit

lots of water

some grn tea

dinner: hamburger or fish w/ brocolli or spinach

you can have 1 or 2 rice crackers

lots of water

cup of chamomile

before bed: 1 glass of milk

Pray to the Lord to help you lose weight. To give you self control. Keep asking until you receive. The Lord loves you.

The secret to success is to be "organized & committed".

You should have your salad, greens & veggies washed & cut up the night before so it's ready to eat for lunch the next day.

Make sure you have bought all your ingredients/food the day before.

Take a multi-vitamin & calcium every day.

It's not impossible to do...just believe you can do it.

Drink lots & lots of water & you will see results.

Lastly, DO NOT take diet pills. They can do some serious harm to your heart. Plus they don't work & they're a waste of money.

A nice site is www.sparkteens.com

they have a calorie counter, fitness tracker, & exercise videos. The exercise videos are pretty good. You can do them the days that you don't run or have soccer.

The Lord bless you & keep you.

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