Hammock Day 2021 is on Thursday, July 22, 2021: Cleaning a hammock?

Thursday, July 22, 2021 is Hammock Day 2021.

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Hammock Day

Nothing sounds as relaxing as kicking back and using a hammock – and there isn’t any better method to celebrate Hammock Day! Find two sturdy, easily situated trees (or improvise – and don't sell yourself short towards the outdoors), string up a cozy bed… and relax!

Cleaning a hammock?

Spread the hammock onto a clean surface such as a driveway, patio or deck. Hose it down with water. Brush away the dirt with soapy water on a sponge or scrub brush. Hose it down until the water is clear. Flip over and wash the other side.

When the hammock is wet, avoid lifting it by the ends as the ropes may stretch from the weight of the water, this will cause it to loose its shape.

Lay the hammock flat and press out excess water or return the hammock to its stand as if you were going to use it. Place it in the direct sunlight and let it dry completely before using it or storing it. (It may take several days until it is completely dry.)

I want a hammock?

I want a hammock?

We have a huge hammock that we absolutely love. I bought it for the kids to give their dad for Father's Day a couple years ago. I bought it from LL Bean. I also bought their hammock stand, side table and pillow. Best investment for our back yard yet!

www.llbean.com or more specifically:

The best thing about buying from LL Bean is that their products have an unlimited guarantee of satisfaction.

Enjoy your new hammock!

Fathers Day Present????

Fathers Day Present????

A Hammock to relax in the backyard

Get his car washed, waxed, and detailed.

Is a fan of a team? You can get him something like a shirt or something signed of his favorite player etc.

Tickets to a sporting event or concert

Tickets to a show

Does he like to garden? You can get him something for his garden. A tree like a lemon tree, japenese maple, herb garden, etc. Flowers etc.

Solar lights for the outside or driveway

Statue for his garden or yard

Porch Swing

Rocking chair

Bench for the yard

Shed for his tools.

Does he like to grill? Does he need a new one? Does he need new grill tools? You can get him them OR Williams-Sonoma has a branding tool that has monograms in it that you can monogram the meat that you're grilling.

Does he have a hobby? You can get him something that has to do with his hobby. Fishing, golf, etc.

GPS system have the family chip in and get him one.

CD set of his favorite singer or band

DVD set of his favorite movie or tv show

Any books that he's been wanting

You can take him out for the day. I'm sure spending time with him is going to mean more to him than anything you buy him. Take him fishing, bowling, the batting cages, out to the movies, lunch, dinner, even ice cream! That would mean a LOT to him!

Subscription to his favorite magazine or one that he would really like.

New wallet

I hope some of these ideas help and that he has a very Happy Father's Day!

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