Greenpeace Day 2021 is on Wednesday, September 15, 2021: Ever wanted to slap some Greenpeace Activists?

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 is Greenpeace Day 2021.

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Greenpeace Day

On 15th September we celebrate Greenpeace Day, so it is now time to produce your inner activist and obtain enthusiastic about the atmosphere. The now worldwide famous campaign organisation for environmental issues was initially founded by several 17 activists in Vancouver protesting against off shoreline nuclear testing in Alaska about this date in 1971.Since that time, Greenpeace has accomplished a good amount of victories over eco-crimes, in addition to making a massive contribution to raising understanding of environment issues around the world. They constantly shoot for their vision of the society which recognises our planet being an essential existence support system whose assets aren't infinite and should be protected and looked after. Each campaign vary from raising understanding of the diminishing ice from the Arctic to safeguarding the oceans and tropical rain forests to working towards nuclear disarmament.To determine the contribution produced by the organisation which arrived on the scene of these humble roots yet now boasts 2.9 million people, Mayor Gregor Robertson of Vancouver has pronounced September 15th Greenpeace Day. In Vancouver, festivities incorporate a free family-friendly outside festival, tree planting and training courses on activism.Be inspired by Greenpeace today: sign applications and encourage others to complete exactly the same, be eco-friendly in your home and on an outing by switching off unnecessary bulbs and tossing that empty wrapper in the pub within the bin. Think bigger and consider volunteering and helping raise awareness for Greenpeace issues. Finally let Greenpeace Day behave as a indication that because the anthropologist Margaret Mead once place it: ‘Never doubt that the … number of committed people can alter the planet. Indeed, it's the only factor that ever has’.

Ever wanted to slap some Greenpeace Activists?

Greenpeace is not an organization that cares about the environment. They are a marketing arm of OPEC and the coal industry.

Greenpeace has a pattern of opposing technologies like nuclear power and the Alberta oil sands, not because they are harmful, but because these technologies cut into the profits of their OPEC and big coal masters. Few people dispute that nuclear power is an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Anti nuclear activists claim that nuclear power is expensive and that it is dangerous, using Three Mile Island and Chernobyl as examples. Is nuclear power expensive? Let the market decide. Three Mile Island was an expensive equipment malfunction which did not kill anyone, but no one died. It was not a disaster unless you count the fact that it was a public relations disaster. Chernobyl was constructed and operated in a manner which would never be allowed in a Western nation.

Yet, when they were protesting against nuclear power, they showed no evidence of being concerned about coal power, which is a huge source of greenhouse gases.

Regarding their position on the Alberta oil sands, Greenpeace completely ignores the fact that the oil sands are inseparable from the automobile industry. If Greenpeace wanted to ban cars, I would not agree, but I would understand. And while I do not support a ban on cars, I do believe that people who are against the Alberta oil sands should not be allowed to drive a car. They should not use public transit either, because almost all buses use diesel fuel. Diesel fuel comes from the Alberta oil sands.

is greenpeace good for democracy?

is greenpeace good for democracy?

Not these days....... these days they're so bad, even the bloke who co-founded them is campaigning against them now.

They have been known to lie alot.......

... and they're not very good for the cause of sustainable forestry.......

They're extremely prone to spreading untrue propaganda.....

... and here's something on their funding, etc......

Greenpeace is good or bad?

Greenpeace is good or bad?

These days I don't think any organization (even nonprofits) can be viewed in purely terms of good or bad.

The two opinion / editorial pieces below from The New York Times demonstrate very well some of the positive and negative aspects of Greepeace.

Personally I think it's great they are doing so much to help stop the whaling efforts being carried out by Japan. I think their view on nuclear power these days is dated though.

Also on this date September 15, 2021...