Goth Day 2021 is on Saturday, May 22, 2021: Modern day Goth band?


Saturday, May 22, 2021 is Goth Day 2021. Goth Day at Disneyland photo Kerli's photos - Buzznet Goth Day at Disneyland

Goth Day

Put on black garments, white make-up, and come close to the world from a various angle. Unleash your internal goth for Goth Day!

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Modern day Goth band?

Goth rock/deathrock:

New Days Delay


Scarlet's Remains

Voodoo Church

Sleeping Children

The Ghost of Lemora

Chants of Maldoror

All Gone Dead

Los Carniceros del Norte



All My Faith Lost

Mors Syphilitica


The SlimP

Diva Destruction

Amber Asylum

Abney Park

Ophelia's Dream




Ego Likeness


Autumn's Grey Solace

Autumn Tears

Scarlet Leaves

Rising Shadows

Der Blaue Reiter


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Revue Noir

Jill Tracy

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People are closed minded to anything they feel isn't "normal".

I have gotten strange looks by people. Although i wouldn't call myself goth, people still think "rockers" are people to be afraid of. Actually most goth people are nice...i mean VERY nice. I once went to the movies with friends who are goth and they were asked to leave, i was the only one who could stay. It was so wrong, so I told them we wont leave. We haven't done anything against the rules. So they called the police and they ended up getting in trouble. What they did is


My favorite thing to do when someone is staring or looking at me, is to smile at them until they stop looking. Its funny to see the expression on there face.

But i feel ya on what your saying. Best thing to do is ignore them, its hard to tell people something when they dont want to be convinced that being goth isn't wrong.

how do turn goth in just 10 day?

how do turn goth in just 10 day?


Goth is a mindset and view of aesthetics. If it isn't something you are interested it, it would take about as long as anything else to "acquire a taste for."

Also on this date May 22, 2021...