Day 2021 is on Wednesday, September 15, 2021: where can i find

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 is Day 2021.

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where can i find

Do you not know how to use a computer? sorry if I am being mean, go to the url bar, and type

How can i meet doris day?

How can i meet doris day?

About all you can do is try your luck on some of these leads

Its not impossible. I like doing this type of thing for a hobby and see who will

email me back. The key is that they arent immediately in the public awareness.

You might have a good shot at this. Im not sure about meeting, but there is a "chance"

she might contact you back.

It looks like she's in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. One of my favorite places

in the whole US. I would love to live there, but its very expensive. Clint Eastwood

was once the mayor ( for example)

This shows youre in the UK.. but dont give up hope. People travel all over these days

I handled fan mail for a famous rock star once. The key thing is to make

your message..from the heart and sincere. Mail with nothing but fawning messages like

" Im your biggest fan" " All I do is think about you " " I cant eat /sleep for thinking of you "

etc.. will just get tossed in the heap. Stars appreciate the mail, but there's nothing unique in

it...that will cause it to be "put aside" for them to read.

Tell your story and how much it means to you, to meet her. Very touching and sincere.

Stars have been known to do this type of thing.

I wouldnt try contacting her thru her Animal Foundation. That isnt what its for.

Strange error?

Strange error?

Strange indeed.

Here's a very unlikely cause -- maybe your userContent.css file got edited to change the way is displayed.

Go to Documents And Settings\Application Data (a hidden folder)\ Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ gibberish.default\ chrome

And open userContent.css

If any lines say anything about google, delete them.

But it's highly unlikely there are any lines about google. Sorry I can't think of a more likely cause.

Also on this date September 15, 2021...