Go For A Ride Day 2020 is on Sunday, November 22, 2020: Is riding twice a day too much?


Sunday, November 22, 2020 is Go For A Ride Day 2020. November 22: Start Your Own Country, Go For A Ride Day, Cashew Day Go For A Ride Day:

Go For A Ride Day

Choose A Ride Day encourages you to leave in to the world – visit your bike, to your vehicle, or just get the walking boots from storage and use a trip. Take it easy an excessive amount of about where you’re going, just benefit from the journey!

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Is riding twice a day too much?

Why do you ride that long? For fun or a training purpose? What kind of riding? trails, hacking out...that's likely okay...this isn't repetitive nor boring

riding that includes a lot of schooling, ring work? Can be overkill

I've only worked 5 yr old horses for an hour's stretch at max. Its the mind you don't want to wear out. Trail riding is quite different though. It's varied. You're mostly moving along at slower paces.

You try running on foot for 1.5-2hr every day...see if you get bored or sore/fatigued.

Wearing a saddle for that much time might pose a problem. Pressure points might show up. Keep an eye on any back soreness. Palpate to reveal any flinching.

Joint supplements don't do anything extraordinary. Rest, on the other hand is vital for recovery/progress.

Weekends off, okay. I hope he's turned out a lot. That reduces lactic acid build up. Standing in a stall isn't really good for them.

....lol at first answer...thought QH = a bike huh? I guess you could think this is cycling?

Horse being ridden twice in 1 day?

Horse being ridden twice in 1 day?

Horses used to be ridden for hours upon hours (think Old West and Pony Express), and hard at that. I used to ride horses twice daily until we got so many that I've had to cut down to once a day, everyday. She'll be fine!

Ride all Rides at Kings Island in 1 day...& few more questions...?

Ride all Rides at Kings Island in 1 day...& few more questions...?

I don't think it is possible to ride everything in one day. You have to figure in all the time you are going to be waiting in line. That includes for the rides, food and restrooms. You also have to consider that the lines for Firehawk, Diamondback and Flight of Fear will be longer than most. Diamondback is brand new, Firehawk is only a few years old, and Flight of Fear is in an air conditioned building. Also consider the amount of time you will be walking from ride to ride.

Yes you are allowed to leave the park, just be sure to get a stamp when you leave. Lockers are available for rent. You can go to the water park whenever you want and however many times you want on that day. Boomerang Bay does not require a separate entrance fee so once you pay to get into Kings Island then you have paid for the water park too. It's a bit of a walk so find the train and take it back.

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