Global Diversity Awareness Month on October, 2023: Ideas for activities for humanitarian club?

October, 2023 is Global Diversity Awareness Month 2023. Calendar Awareness Month‎ May is Stroke Awareness Month! Sign Up For Materials & More

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Ideas for activities for humanitarian club?

I ran a humanitarian club at my high school. Aside from our big fundraisers, a few blood drives, and a toy drive, here's some ideas I either used or considered.

You can visit a nursing home or send handmade cards to one (especially during the holidays).

If you are located near an elementary school, offer to be mentors/pen pals/reading buddies with the kids. This can be done weekly, monthly, or even every couple months. Try to contact a teacher there that you know personally to get permission faster.

Host visitors who have a unique perspective to share or from different cultures to talk about diversity over lunch or an afternoon. Look for people in different helping careers, non-profit leaders, etc.

Work to connect your school group to other similar groups in other schools, even if you just send questions and advice back and forth.

Collect recyclable items and propose ideas for making your school and community more environmentally friendly/less wasteful.

Plant seeds/cheap plants to make a rundown area of your school/community look better.

Hope this helps! :)

Can I transfer into yale ...other ivy’s ... and duke?

Can I transfer into yale ...other ivy's ... and duke?

What do your grades look like so far at college? That's going to make a major difference in terms of what college you can transfer to. If they are all As, then that helps your high school 3.0 GPA quite a bit. But if they are also around a 3.0, then...

Some of the top tier universities don't accept transfer students at all. Princeton is an example of that. Others do, but only into their less prestigious, continuing ed programs. Harvard and Columbia are like that. But still others, such as Dartmouth, accept you right into their most prestigious undergraduate colleges. Do your research so you find schools that suit you well re: this sort of thing.

Even if you don't get into a top tier uni, if your college grades are good, you will be able to transfer into a good university that, at minimum, will better fit your needs regarding diversity, research opportunities, location, internship availabilities and etc. For example, you are from NJ - Rutgers New Brunswick. Excellent school, and it seems to offer all or most of what you listed.

Also on this date Sunday, October 1, 2023...