Freedom Of Information Day 2023 is on Thursday, March 16, 2023: Today is freedom of information day?

Thursday, March 16, 2023 is Freedom Of Information Day 2023.

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Freedom Of Information Day

Freedom of knowledge Day is definitely an annual event devoted to boost the profile from the concepts of openness and transparency in civil administration. Your day is from the birthday from the 4th leader of america James Madison, who had been accountable for the development of the balance of Privileges, the constitutional document that safeguards individual freedom in US law.Freedom of knowledge Day is marked by conferences and conventions that explore and debate the topic of Freedom of knowledge (referred to as FOI). This really is regarded as being an important discussion area through the legal community, the press, policy makers, and public interest groups. The problems around FOI have transformed substantially because the era of James Madison, as well as in contemporary politics new questions are now being requested by what data national agencies holds on its people, how this information is acquired and just how it's getting used. Like a subject of political debate, FOI has not been more topical.

Today is freedom of information day?

So why did nobody tell me??

Freedom of Information Act?

Freedom of Information Act?


Here in India it is called as the RTI act under which anybody can get access to any information involving his interest or society at large.

In your case you lawyer is not bound to give any information to your opponent for the following reasons...........

* the lawyer has a right not to disclose any information related to the case which may effect his case adversely,

* no information can be provided to anybody without the consent of the court during a trial except the day to day orders of the court relating to case.


"Freedom of Information Act" or "Privacy Act": which law is to be used by citizens ?

"Freedom of Information Act" or "Privacy Act": which law is to be used by citizens ?

FOIA.... Freedom of Information Act. If you believe you were spied upon you should send a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the agency you believe did the spying. You need to be highly specific as to what you're looking for and how the information involves you.

The agency is allowed to charge you a reasonable fee for the information..... manpower to find it, copying fees, mailing fees, etc...

The agency is allowed to redact (censor) portions of the information, if there is any, that's classified.

By law they have 30 days to respond, although the first response is almost always a letter telling you that they received your request and are acting on it.

Also on this date Thursday, March 16, 2023...