Felt Hat Day 2021 is on Wednesday, September 15, 2021: What kind of day are YOU™ having?

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 is Felt Hat Day 2021.

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Felt Hat Day

Up to the twentieth century, hats performed a remarkably natural part popular and attire – perhaps much moreso than today. Within the 1800s, felt would be a common material for hats, and Felt Hat Day encourages all of us to don a felt hat in tribute for this in the past significant, however somewhat neglected accessory.

What kind of day are YOU™ having....?

Shitty,I feel kind of sick,up all night. I hope you have a better day ,friend

Best way to recover hair from wearing Hat all day?

Best way to recover hair from wearing Hat all day?

Of course the answer would be to wash it. Because your hair has conformed to the shape of the hat all day you need to allow hair to enter and swell the cuticle so it goes to your natural shape! Shampoo every other day and condition if your hair needs it once a week. Use lukewarm water to wash and make sure the final rinse is with cold water. If your hair STILL suffers from "hat-head" take a blow dryer and brush and brush AWAY from your scalp and in the opposite direction of the way it is plastered to your head due to the hat. This could work especially if the hair is damp. (not wet! this will damage it!)

if you STILL suffer from "hat-head" add some light hairspray/wax to the process.

I also would not suggest wearing this hat so often. It sounds as if it is increasing baldness? It could be too tight and causing unneeded damaged to the hair follicle by pulling it out. I know possibly the hat does not hurt or feel tight but trust me I've seen this happen to me by wearing a headband, and not something that is tight. If it is causing hair breakage that is a BAD sign. Either that hat is off a rough fabric that isn't doing you any good or you have some seriously dry damaged hair. In either case, try wearing the hat less often. OR increase your protein intake! Eat eggs, beans, meat etc. This will add strength to your hair.

Do Any of You Wear Hats?

Do Any of You Wear Hats?

I just wear hats when I don't feel like doing my hair or makeup, so I would say maybe once a week. I wear the train conductor looking hats. The ones people wear these days that don't wear ball caps. I actually have a french beret but never wear it because I don't have anything it would match with, color or style.

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