Face Your Fears Day 2021 is on Thursday, October 14, 2021: How do I face my fears?

Thursday, October 14, 2021 is Face Your Fears Day 2021. Face Your Fears Day is 'Face Your Fears' day!

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Face Your Fears Day

Take the time to think about what your existence may be like should you mastered a number of your finest fears. How would you react in a different way? Face Your Fears Day provides you with the opportunity to endure your fears, overcome them, and also to seize your day.

How do I face my fears?

You have to let go! Face your fears, don't let them do an about face on you. Being an actor especially often requires, digging down so deep inside, and spitting back up that loud unaltered truth that is unique to you... You can't be afraid to share that. You almost have to allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of the entire world.

Figure out whatever it is holding you back, and start daily trying to overcome that fear. Be kind to yourself. Don't think self-defeating thoughts. Practice only positive reassuring ones... Many younger kids get extremely caught up in what others' think of them. It's normal, but if you want to be an actor, you have to find a way to bury that fear. And at the end of the day, who really cares what others say anyway, as long as you can face the mirror... Stay away from negative energy, and work daily on being an actor. Take courses, and study the craft!

Today is the day I face my fear; can I have some tips?

Today is the day I face my fear; can I have some tips?

You know, I wouldn't even worry. I know how you feel about this but you're gonna feel a lot better that you've faced your fears than let them limit you. As far as people go, no one's gonna care about anything accept you getting your job done right. So if you're confident in your ability to work the register you're good to go.

Should I face my fears?

Should I face my fears?

If the question is just about "facing" the "fears", there is scope for an answer, and the details do help to come closer to a better answer.

What can be done in the situation, and whether there is a danger depends on closer look at the situation by a person, in a similar way, as the person facing the situation.

One thing is sure, if the fears are resolved, the handling of the situation would be better. Fear is a negative emotion that over powers a person and effectively reduces the capability to face the situation. The cause of fear is anxiety about uncertainty. Resolve all these uncertainties by looking at the situation, and considering the possibilities, and its consequences. This would dissolve the fear, and also afford better handling & planning.

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