Euro Day 2023 is on Sunday, January 1, 2023: How many euros for 10 days in kavos?

Sunday, January 1, 2023 is Euro Day 2023.

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How many euros for 10 days in kavos?

Anything between 50 to 100 Euros per day depending on how wild you want to be.

Euro trip; 4 Days in Amsterdam?

Euro trip; 4 Days in Amsterdam?

If you say you have four days in Amsterdam I assume you mean four days in the Netherlands.

In that case, spend two on Amsterdam, do a canal boat tour as with the most canals of any city but Venice and maybe including that, Amsterdam is the best place to take a canal boat tour.

Select a few museums, there are about 40 to choose between.

Set some time apart for shopping if you like that.

Have a stroll, Amsterdam is build in a way that makes walking enjoyable, and you can do so without worries that you end up in a bad part of town. Just take a map to help you find the way back to your hotel.

All information can be found on this site:

The other two days you can use to see something of the country.

A nice outing near Amsterdam is the Zaanse schans:

You can get there by tour, but you can also take a train from Amsterdam Centraal station and get off at Koog zaandijk, about 17 minutes travel and from there it is a leisurely 15 minutes walk to the site. If you go by train you can decide yourself how much you want to see, as every part of the site has its own entry price, mostly just one or two Euro, and some are free, you can go for just half a morning, and not feel guilty about missing things you paid for, or you can spend the whole day and see all that is open. Mostly there are a few mills to be visited, a few small museums, some shops which are almost museums by themselves, a clog maker, a cheese maker (which is more commercial and less inviting) and several places you can have a drink or meal.

An other nice one is the Zuiderzee museum in Enkhuizen, a little farther to travel, and for this you pay one entry ticket for the whole, but again, a wide collection of different things to see and do;

Or you can spend a day going to the sea, from Amsterdam you can take a train to Zandvoort, or a high speed ferry to IJmuiden and from the stop there a bus to the beach. An other option is to take a train to the Hague, local name Den Haag and take a tram there to Scheveningen. There is also the miniature city Madurodam, and Panorama Mesdag, a 360 degree painting showing the spot as it was before cars came onto the scene.

By the way, a card including public transport and some museums can be cost effective, but only if you want to visit the museums that are included. Amsterdam is small enough that you can do most of your transport walking. And getting a tram/bus day pass may be the better choice for you.

If you read in the older questions here you will find a lot of advice on which museums. All regulars here have their own favorites, we all give advice on them regularly.


Here is a link to one of those older answers:

Hotel in Paris France Hotel room under 55 euro day?

Hotel in Paris France Hotel room under 55 euro day?

Cheap hotels under 50 euros are pretty hard to find in Paris. I would suggest to check around Paris and also considering an affordable studio in Paris.

Also on this date Sunday, January 1, 2023...