Ellis Island Day 2024 is on Monday, January 1, 2024: I have 3 Days to visit NYC, What Places I shouldn't miss?

Monday, January 1, 2024 is Ellis Island Day 2024. Photo Of The Day Immigrants at Ellis Island

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I have 3 Days to visit NYC, What Places I shouldn’t miss?

Go visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, two landmarks of New York City. To get there by the ferry, you need to purchase round-trip ferry tickets at Castle Clinton National Monument in Lower Manhattan. Ferries from New York operate on a loop, stopping first at Liberty Island and then at Ellis Island before returning to Battery Park, New York.

Directions to get the ferry dock:

Go visit the Empire State Building, one of the many landmarks of our city. The Empire State Building is located at 350 5th Avenue. To get there by MTA subway, take the 1, 2, or 3 (Seventh Avenue Lines), A, C or E (Eighth Avenue Subway) to 34th Street/Penn Station. Or take the B, D, F, N, Q, R or Path to 34th Street/Avenue of the Americas.

Go to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, located at 234 West 42nd Street, between 7th and 8th. To get there by subway, take the 1, 2, 3, 7, N, Q, R, W, or S to 42nd Street, Times Square, the A, C, or E to 42nd Street, which will empty out at 8th Avenue, or the B, D, F, or V to 42nd Street, which will empty out at 6th Avenue. To get there by bus, take the M6, M7, M10, M16, M20, M27, or M104 to Times Square. This is standard $2.25 fare. For express buses to Madame Tussauds, which are $5.50, from Staten Island, take the X1, X6, X7, X9, X17J, X22, X30, or X31 to the Staten Island Ferry, and take the 1 train from there to 42nd Street. From Queens, take the X51, QM1, QM2, QM2A, QM3, QM4, QM10, QM12, QM15, QM16, QM17, QM18, QM22, or QM24. From the Bronx, take the BxM2.

Go walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which is, if I'm correct, which I might not be, is the oldest structure in the city. If not the oldest structure, the oldest bridge. To get there, and walk across it, take the 4, 5, or 6 to the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall stop. Another option would be to take the J, M, or Z to Chambers Street.

Go visit Coney Island, the home of the world famous Cyclone roller coaster. The amusement park will be closed, especially in the winter time, but the aquarium is open year-round, and sometimes the pier is open, so you can get some snacks -- they have fantastic corn dogs on the pier. To get there by train, take the D, Q N or F train to Stillwell Avenue, which is the last stop. This takes about 45 minutes from midtown Manhattan, and sometimes longer, depending on where you are coming from.

Go for a ride on the Circle Line. There are numerous different cruises – one is the Full Island Cruise, which takes you around Manhattan on a three-hour cruise. The Semi-Circle Cruise sets sail on a two-hour cruise down the Hudson offering a stunning panoramic of the famed New York skyline and a close-up view of Lady Liberty. The Liberty Cruise turns 75-minutes into a quick and inspirational way to see New York’s highlights from the water. There is also a Harbor Lights Evening Cruise, which allows you to view the hotspots of New York City from the water at night. Then, there is The Beast. It’s a boat that travels at forty-five miles per hour down the river to the Statue of Liberty. Both cruises are fun and informational, and are a great way to kill some time if you don’t have anything to do.

Here is the Circle Line schedule:

Circle Line special events:

Go to visit some museums. There are so many, that listing directions to all of them would be a waste of your time and my time, so instead, I will give you a list where there is a list of all the museums of New York City. You can pick some that sound interesting, and then you can find directions to that place, either from the website, or from Google, simply by typing in "directions to" and insert the museum you would like to go to beside it.

"Museums in New York City"

“New York City Zoos and Aquariums”

"Top 25 New York Boutiques"

“Top 25 New York Shopping Destinations”

“Shopping in New York City”

"Best New York Boutiques" As voted by customers

"The Top 100 Boutiques in New York"

“Best New York City Picks”

“The Best Restaurants in NYC”

“New York City Attractions”

“Things to do in New York City”

Some of my favorite New York City eateries:

Yum Yum Bangkok:

Bamn! Automat:

Junior’s Most Fabulous Cheesecake and Dessert:

ESPN Zone:


Note: Maps of New York City are at every newsstand, and newsstands are all around New York City. Also, for transportation, there are maps in subway cars and on subway trains, and there are also maps in buses. The maps at bus stops are usually just for the bus route.

All the best ♥

Have fun

Free, Off The hand Ellis Island Information?! Please?

Free, Off The hand Ellis Island Information?! Please?

"Ellis Island in New York Harbor was the gateway for millions of immigrants to the United States. It was the nation's busiest immigrant inspection station from 1892 until 1954. The island was greatly expanded with landfill between 1892 and 1934. Before that, the much smaller original island was the site of Fort Gibson and later a naval magazine. The island was made part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument in 1964, and has hosted a museum of immigration since 1990. A 1998 United States Supreme Court decision found most of the island to be part of New Jersey."

Good luck to you and have a pleasant day.

Ellis Island? Help!!!?

Ellis Island? Help!!!?

The museum of immigration at Ellis Island has a pretty good description of all this. I've linked to the park's web site below.

Only third-class or "steerage" passengers were processed at Ellis Island because first and second class passengers were processed (by immigration officials) on board the arriving ships.

Mainly, immigrants had medical exams to screen out those with contagious diseases. Most were admitted, and most were not at Ellis Island more than a day or two. There was a hospital at Ellis Island where those who failed the health exam were kept and treated. When they got better, they were admitted as immigrants to the U.S. If they incurable diseases, they were sent back to their countries of origin. If they died at Ellis Island, they were buried there.

At certain times, immigrants were also given intelligence tests and were required to show that they had a minimum amount of money (for example, $25 in cash) to continue their journeys. There were immigrants who would rent rolls of cash, for a small fee, to those who didn't have enough, so they could pass this test. The intelligence tests were designed not to require reading (many immigrants were illiterate even in their own languages) and were given with the help of language interpreters.

It is very widely believed that many immigrants had their names changed by clerks at Ellis Island. The museum staff say that they have found not even one proven example of this. It seems unlikely that many names were changed there because the clerks copied the arriving immigrants' names from ship passenger lists, and when they interviewed immigrants they had professional interpreters who were native speakers of the immigrants' languages. However, it is certainly true that many immigrants changed their names on purpose or had them changed for them at some point in their lives in America, and in folklore this has become associated with "Ellis Island."

Single women who arrived at Ellis Island were not permitted to travel onward by themselves, ostensibly for their own protection. They had to wait for a male relative to come to meet them at the island. Because some women came as "mail-order brides" (they were engaged to men they knew only through exchange of letters), there were many weddings at Ellis Island, which were necessary so the women could leave Ellis Island to travel to their new homes with their fiances (now husbands).

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