Dump The Pump Day 2023 is on Tuesday, June 20, 2023: Pumping for a week without breastfeeding due to drug treatment?

Tuesday, June 20, 2023 is Dump The Pump Day 2023. Blog Happy 8th annual Dump the Pump

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Dump The Pump Day

With rising fuel costs, stuffed up streets and difficulty parking in cities, Dump The Pump Day is about finding options for you to get within the vehicle and then try to avoid an over-reliance upon oil and gas during the day. Consider alternate techniques of transport, trains and buses such as buses, or at the minimum thinking about a carpool (which, though although not sticking strictly towards the letter during the day, reaches least a great gesture of belief)!

Pumping for a week without breastfeeding due to drug treatment?

Maybe you can explain a tad more on how you are taking it. Are you taking it in a single dose? Is it being taken every day for 5 days? What does the Dr say regarding how long before it is out of your system.

Metrogel is Metronidazole - so it goes by many names as brands - Flagyl is one of them - same active ingredient - anyway - this is what I could find on Flagyl:

You can also read here on Flagyl:

It is impossible to say for certain what your milk supply would do. I can tell you mine WOULD tank. I know because when I worked & pumped while at work, but Fridays I would have a pathetic output compared to Monday, I would go home ,nurse, nurse, nurse all weekend & by Monday I was pumping okay again & again every day - I would get less & less until Friday & back on the cycle. Now mind you I was only missing three feeds & it effected me like that - so I KNOW a whole week would have been very hard for me to maintain. Other women? Some can do amazing, most have a drop - how much though depends on how your body takes to it & how diligent you are about doing the pumping. If you have never had to try it before, you have nothing to compare it to, so it is near impossible to say.

I would say that a manual is too hard for all of your pumping for a whole week. Do you know anyone you could borrow from? Around here the local home health care stores carry ones you can rent that are hospital grade. They run around $30 per month - so I will tell that it will be MORE than worth it for $30 for a week of pumping to NOT do it by hand. I would also make sure you stock up on Mothers Milk Tea & drink that the minute you notice a drop in supply. If possible have someone else give as many of the bottles as possible to avoid a nursing strike & the baby fighting you on taking a bottle. You also need to learn before if possible, how to hand express. Doing hand expression while pumping will help your output & help to make sure that you empty the breasts a much as you can so you don't have that "full feeling" after pumping. Sometimes when you pump more than you are used to pumping (I speak from experience there because I had to do occasional business trips & would have to pump for 24-48 hrs continually when I was NOT used to that) you can actually end up with milk left in the breasts. This is a bigger concern for you too as you are still pretty early on at 3 months & might still have more times of engorgement than say if your babe was closer to a year - anyway.... if you use hand expression & actually put pressure on the ducts & help move the milk down you will be less likely to get a clogged duct, which is also a hazard of pumping only. I would personally ask your Dr too if taking Lecithin would be a problem with metronadizole. I do not think it is - but ask & ask the pharmacist. Taking Lecithin does help some women avoid clogs & they are better off avoided if possible.

This is a video on how to hand express. It might help you to understand how to do it if you find that you have difficultly hand expressing milk. It will help you understand how to use breast compression during pumping to assist you.

It WILL be okay. You will make it through & you will get back to nursing after you are done. Just get yourself prepared, so all that you can to make sure you are maintaining supply to ensure a smooth transition back to breast. Make sure you use a LOW FLOW nipple too in the meantime to avoid the baby developing a preference for the faster flow of a bottle - as that is pretty easy for them.

question on pump and dump?

question on pump and dump?

You do not need to pump and dump, alcohol will clear your milk as it clears your bloodstream.

You will be fine to nurse the next day provided you are good and sober.

First time pump, been a few days... should I dump first batch?

First time pump, been a few days... should I dump first batch?

Kudos Mom, for breastfeeding! Here are the guidelines for storing breast milk:

Freshly expressed milk:

Warm room (79 deg.) - 4-6 hrs

Room temp (66-72 deg.) - 10 hrs

Insulated cooler/ice pack (60 deg.) - 24 hrs

Refrigerated milk:

fresh milk - 8 days

thawed milk - 24 hours

Frozen milk:

freezer compartment inside fridge - 2 weeks

self-contained freezer - 3-6 months

deep freeze - 6-12 months

You should pump every day for 30 minutes, 8-10 times per day to maintain and/or get a good supply. When you're pumping and the milk stops flowing, pump for 2-5 minutes so you're milk supply will increase.

As for your pump, once of the best pumps to get that is not hospital grade is a Medela brand pump. Hosptial grade pumps are better, but you would have to rent them from a hospital.

If you cannot afford a good pump, I suggest seeing if you qualify for WIC which is an awesome program. They provide you with food and rent you a pump. Also, go to www.lli.org (La Leche League) to find where a meeting is located near you. You can find out tons of awesome information, get lots of support, and you get to meet moms who are currently breastfeeding and hear their stories.

Hope this helps. Blessings!

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