Day With Art Day 2021 is on Wednesday, December 1, 2021: What types of art are popular these days?

Wednesday, December 1, 2021 is Day With Art Day 2021.

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What types of art are popular these days?

On These Days? well im at the Phillipines im a Filipino and you'r asking What Kind of arts are Popular these days So... on these days art may not appear cause im from the phillipines and Flood comes ...nearly so i think art will be stopped well for today i think Mosaics and Painting Arts ;)

What do you think about modern day art?

What do you think about modern day art?

During the Renaissance people were commissioned to do art works. It was like being a photographer, and taking a snap of the family or the husbands wife.

Today it is more about expression. The art of today is not Modern but Post Modern. Modern art was scientific and theoretically based, Modern Art was about existance. Post Modernism is an attitude of "Whatever Goes".

I think that the quality of art has not deteriorated over time, it has just broadened to the point where people have to think about things and be challenged to make their own meanings and draw from their own experience. It means we are not being told what is in the painting and we can make our own conclusions.

possible topics for environment day art competition?

possible topics for environment day art competition?

World Environment Day? Tomorrow? I'll have to check this out.

Is it outdoors? could do a chaulk drawing of the Earth and put sand where there are desserts and grass where it is green, ice cubes where it's cold, a world environment?

That really sounds tough...the "on the spot" a demonstration of a one world environment thing you could maybe use a big bowl or tub of water and drip red dye on one side to show how it changes the whole "world"? sybolizing global climate change or pollution.

Or maybe you could wear like 15 different things...long pants with shorts over them and 3 hats and have an umbrella, with skis and a surfboard and a beach you are ready to go anywhere in the world? with a pile of language translation books?

Good luck.

Also on this date December 1, 2021...