D.B. Cooper Day 2022 is on Thursday, November 24, 2022: Can anyone explain to me who D.B cooper is?

Thursday, November 24, 2022 is D.B. Cooper Day 2022. D.B. Cooper hijacking is subject of new exhibit likenesses of D.B.Cooper.

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Can anyone explain to me who D.B cooper is?

THEE D.B. Cooper was the name of a passenger, who pulled off a daring MID AIR robbery of an airliner.......and then, ordered the pilot to fly LOW, and PARACHUTED out of the plane.

He became a legend, as no trace of him was ever found....and he was never caught.

many theories abound as to who he really was, or what his ultimate fate was.

Some day he hid vehicles in the woods, and made a clean getaway.

Others think his parachute most likely got snagged on some trees, and his corpse is probably still hanging there.......still strapped into the parachute.

Others think, even if he landed safely, he parachuted into heavy and dense forest, and would have never found his way out alive......and was probably eaten by animals.

Over the years, hikers claimed to have found stray bank notes and empty backpacks, or other things, supposedly tied to the robbery, but most are hoaxes and never proven.

the fact remains........it remains a mystery.

Over 2 dozen people have made death bed confessions, claiming to be the REAL "DB Cooper"

A new one crops up every year. We'll never know for sure.

Did D.B. Cooper actually exist?

Did D.B. Cooper actually exist?

The disappearance of Dan "D.B." Cooper is one of the great unsolved mysteries of the 20th century

Might he one day come forward and admit his crime? There is no statute of limitations on air piracy and while he would be a celebrity if he made himself known now, he would also still face federal charges

Perhaps it's because he seems to have gotten away with it. Perhaps it's because he didn't injure any of his hostages. Perhaps it's because he disappeared off the the face of the Earth with the FBI in hot pursuit. Perhaps it's because the only visible loser was an insurance company. Whatever the reason, D.B. Cooper's cult status lives on.

Do you think D.B. Cooper survived the jump?

Do you think D.B. Cooper survived the jump?

I like to think he's living it up right here under everyones noses! No one has ever found any more evidence of him or even knows who he actually is to this day! I don't know, he one of those American bad guyfolk heros we're fascinated by.

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