Commitment Day 2023 is on Sunday, January 1, 2023: Commitment!!?

Sunday, January 1, 2023 is Commitment Day 2023. Sweating Until Happy: Lifetime Fitness - Commitment Day 5k Commitment Day 5k

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Commitment Day

I Actually Do. I'll. I PROMISE. Ah, such lovely words invoke sweet feelings of assurance and hopefulness, don’t they? Commitment Day is really a day where one can reveal that particular someone simply how much they mean for you by carrying out in some manner for them. Or possibly you have been intending to start (or stop!) something for any lengthy while – Commitment Day is the opportunity to say, “right, that’s it, I’m going for this – and I will stick to it!InchesCommitment differs to some resolution – that is whenever you resolve to behave or have a certain strategy. Commitment happens when you promise, and therefore are then obliged to get it done. So it’s great to begin with a resolve, but commitment states you'll stick to it, even if the going will get tough!Commitment Day is a perfect time for you to make that sincere pledge – but only when you’re going to view it right through to the finish! Deep stuff, right?!


well i didn't have experience with marriage yet.......... well i can say that if he is truly in love with you and ur truly in love with him then you should go ahead marry him........ what commitment and marriage means to me would be my me it means loving each other holding each other until the end like i would do with my girlfriend (or wife) and always be truthful to eachother......... Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards.

~Benjamin Franklin



Basically you're making a pledge to someone or something. One of the ways this is traditionally done is to swear an oath, such as I swore when I joined the Army. It was my commitment to faithfully serve my country.

People swear by something they consider holy or noble and would not defame by failing in their commitment. Some religions forbid the swearing of oaths but most cultures have rituals that require it.

Mine is an old and storied family on both sides with a traceable history that stretches into antiquity and several dozen noble houses. The crests of both my parents houses hang above the entry to my study. It has meaning to me and I feel an obligation to my ancestry to stand tall.

As a boy I was enamored with sword and sorcery novels and the whole notion of chivalry, so I swore by my house and my blood to live an honorable life to the best of my ability and strength, to be loyal to friends and family, to stand up for the weak and oppressed, and those family crests over the door serve as a reminder to me every day.

I'm not a young man anymore, and my only sibling, a sister, is years older than me. The first time in our lives that she ever expressed herself toward me in a way that was outright mushy was in a short note she sent to a few months ago that ended simply , "You are the heart of our family." That can be the consequence of commitment to the right things. I highly recommend it.

Why are women so afraid of commitment now-a-days?

Why are women so afraid of commitment now-a-days?

I don't think they're afraid of commitment, just afraid of marrying the wrong guy. Now a days, women have freedom and a choice and if she doesn't have to marry someone just because the time is running out - she won't or at least most won't. However, if the relationship is right and both of you know it, then there are no fears.

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