Collector Car Appreciation Day 2021 is on Monday, July 12, 2021: I think they should reinstate the DRAFT, what do you think?

Monday, July 12, 2021 is Collector Car Appreciation Day 2021.

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I think they should reinstate the DRAFT, what do you think?


All this crap about an "all volunteer military" is jingoistic feel-good propaganda. The next line is usually something about people dying so that you or I can be free. But the last time I volunteered for my community, they didn't pay me or send me to college for free. We might as well say we have an all-volunteer police department or all-volunteer fire department, by this standard of what a "volunteer" is. Or an all-volunteer Congress.

I do, strongly, agree with you that Bill Gates did not become the richest person in the world by himself. He did so with the help of investors, collaborators, code programmers, a marketing team, and, most important, consumers. That's why it's important for the rich to provide for those who are less rich: because without consumers with money, no one gets rich in capitalism. That's why wealth should be taxed.

Now, the reason we should have a draft, and I think we should, is because it levels the playing field. Currently, our "all volunteer" military is comprised disproportionately of people who need the money. If the sons of the rich also were to be deployed to some desert wasteland to kill people in the name of capitalism, perhaps the people who start these wars would give it a second thought.

As far as your argument about people who fought, were wounded, and died to make this country what it is, I'm afraid I disagree. This country was made what it is by farmers and ditch diggers. The people who build the cars and make the steel and lay the rails are the ones who built and continue to build this country. Your police, firefighters, teachers, and sanitation engineers are the ones who make life in America the safe, sane, secure existence we all cherish.

You want to talk about our men and women not getting the respect and pay they deserve, take a look at your local public school. These men and women are on the front lines, every day, fighting to make sure that we have an America worth fighting for, frequently for less compensation than a toll booth collector. And that's after four years of college, putting the average teacher $100,000 in debt before they start working.

True service to country means a lot more than the military.

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