Class Reunion Month on October, 2023: Help with an outfit for a class reunion?

October, 2023 is Class Reunion Month 2023. Products to Prepare For Your High School Reunion October is Class Reunion Month

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Help with an outfit for a class reunion?

You definately want to be fasionable if you are going to a reunion. I think a classic look that looks amazing on any woman is a high wasted pencil skirt...about knee lenght or longer. They make anyone look like they have curves but long and slim...if you wear it in black. I think all black is always classy and sexy. I would either get a tight black or white shirt of somekind. I say tight because you want to tuck it in to show off the high waste. Then tallll shoes that arent too strappy. Less is more.

Here is the type of skirt i am talking about. Red is good but black is always the safest choice. She is a very curvey girl and look how thin she looks....Disregard the should definately go with a higher neck

Here are the kind of shoes i think you should go for...

I hate Jessica Simposon but her shoes make any girl feel sexy and the thicker heel makes them easier to walk in and more comfortable.But go with as high of a heel as possible your legs will look miles longer! Have fun!

Carry 15 month old daughter to 5 year class reunion dinner or not?

Carry 15 month old daughter to 5 year class reunion dinner or not?

who am i 2 tell u not to i would because if lost my other daughter i would take her so i say take her but be sure that u have everything u need because i thowt they will have any of that stuff by the way even though its 15 months late be congrats on Ur new baby and i am very sorry about Ur mom and daughter

High School Reunion next month, but haven’t gotten an invite...?

High School Reunion next month, but haven't gotten an invite...?

If your class has a facebook group, join it. The reunion announcement should be prominent.

If not, call the school and ask.

They contact people by forming a search committee. They make a list of all the graduates, split it up and start hunting. Finding women who married and changed their names is the hardest, but if William Miller moved out of state and whoever has the Ms is lazy, he won't get an invitation.

I was on the search committee for my class three times. For the 40th we figured anyone who couldn't add 40 to the graduation year and look us up wasn't going to be interested. We made sure the school office knew the time, date and cost each time, and had the street address, e-mail address and phone number of the contact person. Now, I am brilliant, I admit, but even someone whose IQ isn't in the stratosphere would think of that, so call the school.

You could try Google, too;

Warren G Harding High School Beloit 1987

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