Church Safety and Security Month on October, 2023: Should Atheists worry about Christians's new laws in Kentucky? A year in jail for being atheist?

October, 2023 is Church Safety and Security Month 2023. Fellowship church‎ Join Me, Ed Young, this weekend at Fellowship Church.

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Should Atheists worry about Christians’s new laws in Kentucky? A year in jail for being atheist?

I hope this is a spoof.. any such 'law' violates separation of church and state.

Illegals Helping Terrorists?

Illegals Helping Terrorists?

i think more security controls are needed in regards to illegal immigration

Job Application help?

Job Application help?

In a nutshell, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) child labor provisions:

---Set the minimum "legal" work age at 14 for most types of employment

--Prohibit employing youths under 18 in dangerous jobs

--Limit the daily and weekly work hours that employers may schedule for employees under the age of 16

There are also limits on the number of hours etc you can work. Check out my links below

You will need a social security number (SSN), and perhaps a state ID. If you were born in the US, your parents already have a SSN for you.

When people don't drive, the state for a small fee can provide a state picture ID. To get that you usually have to bring your birth certificate and SSN for that to the local Dept of Motor Vehicles.

The state ID will help because after you are hired your employer will ask you to complete an I-9 form which certifies you are a US citizen and to complete the form you will need at least two forms of ID.

Keep in mind that if you attempt to get hired and you are under the legal age for your state the person who hires you will mostly be thinking of how they can take advantage of you and your labor and you might not get paid what you should.

Whether you are girls or boys -- BE SAFE!!! There are lots of people who like to take advantage of people and you need to be very careful. Talk to your parents first and let them help you. If you can't talk to your parents for some reason, please get the advice of another trusted adult-- teacher, family friend, church leader, a good friends parent etc.

You are young and might not make the best decisions and your safety is what is most important in your being a success.

I don't know why you are asking this question but good luck and I will keep you and your family in my prayers!!

Also on this date Sunday, October 1, 2023...