Christmas Eve Day 2021 is on Friday, December 24, 2021: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Friday, December 24, 2021 is Christmas Eve Day 2021. So are you christmas eve or christmas day ? Quiz christmas day

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Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Oh I prefer Christmas Eve!!!!

I absolutely love the anticipation of Christmas!!! Once Christmas morning comes its exciting but its over....done....

Christmas Eve is just the best. We usually invite a family over, one that my sister and parents and I all click with...our closest friends! The people HAVE to come to our house...haha because its just so perfect and cozy!!! Mom will start baking then on Christmas Eve while Christmas music blasts, sister bakes, and we all just finsih doing last minute Christmas stuff. It is so cozy...hopefully it will be snowing and the tree lights and windows lights are all on...when they come we eat a delicious dinner! and all come to the family room where the trees lights are twinkling and the presents are being called to be opened! :) We go around in a circle and share different things and finally we read the Christmas story together! The past two years we have read from a different kind of story as the one in the Bible is timeless although we like to see it from different perspectives. Everyone gets a turn at reading and its absolutely perfect...the lights from the christmas tree and railing are so bright no other lights are needed!!!!! :) We sometimes have to bring up extra chairs while I usually sit in my dads lap...(even though i'm 14)! It is the most amazing thing!!! We then all go to a church service at our church where we see all our friends, wish them a Merry Christmas and get cold noses!!!!

Later on we come the best dog in the world wagging her tail, to lights so bright you can see them coming up from far away and just the stillness of the world and the perfectness of it. We drive up and the house is cozy, warm and perfect! Before we have to go to bed my sister and I are allowed to open one present, our choice! Christmas music plays and finally we have to go to bed and try as hard as we can to go to bed.

By Christmas morning its fun and amazing but is not as cozy and like I said before you just know its over for one more year and thats rather depressing! :/

To answer your question I must say I prefer Christmas Eve because of the music, family/best friends, the Christmas Story, and the absolute coziness of the house!

I can't wait!!!! I AM SO SO SO SO EXCITED to even decorate for Christmas...unfortunately I have to wait all the way until after thanksgiving to actually decorate....:( I can't wait though!!! 27 days till we decorate...I'm counting down the days ;)

What do people typically do on Christmas Eve and Christmas day?

What do people typically do on Christmas Eve and Christmas day?

The answers are as varied as the people in this country.

Some people attend church services. Some people have a family gathering for a meal. Others gather to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve while still others wait until the day itself.

In my family we have a tradition (and not just for Christmas) of inviting people serving in the military to spend the holiday with us.

I guess it all hinges on what one is comfortable with--I suppose I'd be hard put to describe a "typical American Christmas" for you because it's such an individual thing. Most people have traditions that reflect their roots in some way--my first husband's family was of Italian descent, so their Christmases reflected that, while my own heritage is German and Irish with a more German set of traditions. And then, there are always the traditions one creates on one's own, such as opening one gift on Christmas Eve and having the youngest child place the topper on the Christmas tree (things we've done, again, in my own family at differing times and places).

So, my friend, welcome to the States and have a wonderful Christmas.

What are you doing on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

What are you doing on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

Christmas Eve I work. At night my brother's in-laws have a big party at a rented hall that I can walk to. There will be 100+ people there, family, extended family (me), friends. Just a lot of food & fun.

Christmas Day. Get up early, go to church, spend most of the day with my Mom (she's in a nursing home), then go to my brother's in-laws for the family dinner. After dinner part of the group will go with me to see my Mom.

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