Children's Sunday 2022 is on Wednesday, June 8, 2022: Children's Ministry Curriculum Help!?

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 is Children's Sunday 2022.

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Children’s Ministry Curriculum Help!?

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How did Children’s Day come about?

How did Children's Day come about?

The initial idea for Children's Day came from a suggestion by the first Children's Commissioner, Ian Hassall, in 1991. His suggestion was developed and progressed by the Rotary Club of Wellington.

In conjunction with the following Children's Commissioner, Laurie O'Reilly, the idea was then mooted to Government.

The third Children's Commissioner and former Minister of Youth Affairs, Roger McClay, then endorsed the concept along with several other Ministers.

In 1999, the National Steering Group was established to progress the concept of Children's Day. Interested government and non-government agencies were represented on this group.

The inaugural Children's Day was held on Sunday 29 October 2000 with the intention that Children's Day would occur on the last Sunday of October every year. From 2007 the date for Children's Day will be changed to the first Sunday in March (as a result of the date change, there will be no Children's Day in 2006).

Does anyone still have a "children’s table" at family functions?

Does anyone still have a "children's table" at family functions?

I'm 38 and I still have to sit at the children's (kidding, sort of).

Really little kids need to sit by an adult so they can be helped.

Grade school kids often like to sit at their own table (so that they can't be controlled....again, joking).

I think it's perfectly acceptable to have a children's table as long as you allow parents the option of having their children with them at the adult table. I don't think it's very nice to force parents to comply as Sunday is a day traditionally for "family dinner." But honestly, I can't imagine anyone complaining about a dinner w/out the kiddies!

Just try it at the first dinner. If it doesn't work, then revise your plan for the next one in the series.

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