Childhood Depression Awareness Day 2023 is on Saturday, May 6, 2023: Do you have depression or know someone who has?

Saturday, May 6, 2023 is Childhood Depression Awareness Day 2023. Worried About Your Child?‎ Free online symptom checker and children's mental health guide.

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Do you have depression or know someone who has?

I have Chronic Clinical Depression...have even been hospitalized on a special ward for over 2 weeks.

I don't know where to begin...(sigh)'s like you are walking through jello. You feel worthless, paranoid, fearful of being "found out", so you try to hide as much as you can. You can't even force yourself out of it and dark rooms and solitude became my destructive friend. That's not a good thing to do because all it does is cause more depression. I remained suicidal after a serious failed attempt at prescription overdose (hence the hospital stay)

I kept a journal when I was in my worst acute phase and even wrote, in longhand, an apology to every human being I ever remembered possibly hurting way back to my childhood. I was leaving it as a sort of good-bye note.

I learned, through medicine and therapy, that I am not alone. I also learned to not be ashamed of this disease by means of becoming educated in physiological reasons, as well as, environmental reasons for this illness.

I discovered Y/A during my recovery after being discharged from the hospital 3 yrs ago. In spite of all the draw-backs of this site, it actually helped save my life. I still battle with this problem, as some who know me well on here can probably tell, but I have been given tools to stay above water. So far, so's a one day at a time thing with me.

What holiday are you celebrating today?

What holiday are you celebrating today?

cinco de mayo

I cant sleep at night , what should i do ?

I cant sleep at night , what should i do ?

Sat shree Akal

Firstly, you should be balance your sleep pattern.

Never taken remedies for sleep problems, It's harmful mentally.

And could has other ngv side effects.

Natural living is the best sleeping remedy.

How much sleep one need depends upon oneself.

Our body is only really supposed to have 6 to 8 hours sleep.

Beginning with a couple of steps for sleep quickly.

Your sleep pattern could be balanced automatically.

Just start a couple of the steps.


Our inhale and exhale are change automatically in both of nose.

When inhale and exhale is in right side, you should take sleep that side.


same position in left side. you should sleep that side,

for deep and calm sleep and deep breathing experience.


When you sleep, Your feet should be North side and Head South side.

And second position is, Your feet should be East side and Head West side.

Don't make other position for asleep. Be careful.

When you go to sleep. Should be awareness on Sahasrara chakra. (Crown Chakra).

With the result that you fall asleep naturally and quickly.

And wake up refreshed in the morning.

You have get grow up interest in study or job.

Give them a try and you will be pleasantly surprised.

I wish you good luck and I hope you feel happier soon :)

For more about it, go here ---> for my full answer.


I apologies for my bad English.

Also on this date Saturday, May 6, 2023...