Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day 2022 is on Thursday, November 24, 2022: I'm scared to have a bat mitzvah?

Thursday, November 24, 2022 is Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day 2022. Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day - the year of LIVING UNOFFICIALLY Celebrate Your Unique Talent

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Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

Exactly what do you stand out at? What gifts, talents or abilities are distinctively yours? Go ahead and take chance to talk about your specific gifts with buddies and co-workers on Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day.

I’m scared to have a bat mitzvah?

Others have tried to quell your nerves for the ceremony, but perhaps I can help with the question you made that obviously refers to the party after the Bat Mitzvah service.

Do you know any older Jewish teen girls that you can ask how they coped with their butterflies/nerves? I've never known a teen who wasn't afraid on some level of speaking before a group, just practice speaking in front of others and it gets better over time.

If you are that upset at the thought of dancing, It isn't mandatory to have a party that includes dancing. It's traditional, but not mandatory. You don't have to have a party that has dancing. There are different types of receptions and parties. You can have some kid of theme party where there are other activities, or you can have a nice dinner. The party is to celebrate all your hard work and the attainment of the age of accountability and taking your place in the Jewish community.

Make it meaningful to you and your family. You can come up with something unique to make it entirely your own day and way of honoring those milestones as a part of the Jewish community. While we are a community all connected by Torah , we are all individuals with our own voices to be heard and our own unique talents to offer the Jewish people and the world at large.

If you think no one is going to sit through the candle lighting, how about the entire service and your Torah portion and Haftorah?

to Mew..yes a Bar Mitzvah is for a "guy". It means son of the covenant. Bat mitzvah is for a girl. bat means daughter, and it's not pronounced like the little cave dwelling flying mammal...it's said baht ..the ah sound like you say ah when you 'open wide" for the dentist.

A Jewish boy born into membership in the Jewish people becomes a bar mitzvah at age 13, a girl becomes a bat mitzvah at 12. This happens whether or not there is any ceremony marking the occasion.Becoming a bar or bat mitzvah happens at the designated ages I've listed whether or not they ever have a ceremony to honor this for a Jewish boy or girl and whether or not they take on the responsibilities of that status.

Being prepared to take on this role is both a responsibility of a Jewish parent to help their child learn how to do this, and a choice of commitment to the covenant of Israel between God and the Jewish people. It is for this reason also that at this age a child who had undergone conversion before this time is now given the choice to accept this membership or reject it when they've reached the age to be accountable for their choices.

The act of becoming a Bat Mitzvah – often translated as “daughter of the commandment(s)” – raises a Jewish girl to the status of adult in the religious community. It marks the beginning of many obligations and privileges.

Perhaps a more appropriate definition would be “one who is prepared to take on the commandment" because the Bat Mitzvah symbolizes the young person’s willingness to become responsible for the performance of Mitzvot – the duties of Jewish life. One should not be celebrating a bat mitzvah unless the child is actually prepared to be one. And that isn't just referring to being able to read a small portion out of the Torah at the ceremony.

It is actually a fairly modern thing to have a ceremony to honor this for a young woman.

How can I maintain a healthy dose of confidence in myself?

How can I maintain a healthy dose of confidence in myself?

Yeah me too. I have no self esteem lol. But there are definitely things you can do to make yourself feel better, and your efforts will pay off so good luck :) Here's what you can do -

Make a list of special talents you have, or things you do that are good; morally or otherwise. Focusing on your attributes helps distract you from those parts of yourself that you think are flawed. It doesn't have to be a specific skill or activity either; it can be an approach or an attitude that you champion through life. Do you always stay calm, cool and collected, even in hurried situations? Are you very patient with people? Do you always see the smart side of things? Are you always there for your friends?

Find your passion. Whether it's baton twirling, martial arts, classic cars, musician, or basket weaving, you will feel confident pursuing that endeavor by recognizing what you enjoy doing the most. More importantly, you'll be enjoying your progress. More on finding your passion:

Choose a role model, whether someone close to you, or someone famous. Think of the qualities that the role model displays, whether physical, emotional, moral, and/or spiritual. Work towards acquiring those. More about choosing your role model:

Don't think about yourself too much. Try not to focus negatively on how you come across or how others may perceive you. Instead, focus more on making other people happy, and that will build your confidence as other people start enjoying your company.

Accept compliments gracefully. Don't roll your eyes and say, "Yeah, right," or shrug it off. Take it to heart and respond positively ("Thank you" and a smile works well).

Know that you have important things to say and do. When you feel strongly about something, speak loudly and clearly and make eye contact with people. Be yourself.

Stick up for yourself. If people put you down (and not in a good-natured, joking way), then let them know that their opinion of you is not held by everyone--most of all yourself. This may, at first, be hard to do. But once you stick up for yourself a few times, your confidence builds and you get more adept at it.

Celebrate your individuality. If you know you've got something special or different, then embrace it; don't hide it! That's diversity! You may wish that you were taller, or shorter, skinnier, stronger, whatever the case may be. But you need to realize that, if you were like everyone else, then you wouldn't be who you are. "What am I?" you ask; the answer's easy: You're a unique individual who is capable of growing and learning.

Take action. It is surprising how powerful the simple step of taking an action can be. And the action you take need not be something extravagant or grand. It could be something as simple as tackling a task that you have been procrastinating, such as writing a letter or tidying up that corner of the garage that has been out of control for the last several months. It could also be something as interesting as taking a class in yoga, art, interior design, anything that interests you that you haven't done yet. Whether large or small, action brings with it exhilaration, enthusiasm, and the confidence that other things can be done as well.

Act confident, even if you don't truly feel it. After a while, it will come naturally, and you will feel confident in yourself! Also, learn to not care what other's think of you. If you let what people say to you bring you down, you will never be happy. Only care about how you feel about yourself, and don't always take what people say at face value, because they may be jealous of you and are intending to put you down. Don't let them stop your progress, but stand up for yourself while acting calmly!

Am I being irrational in this situation?

Am I being irrational in this situation?

You poor thing! You have a lot more talent than you're giving yourself credit for. You're very competitive. You are tenacious. Anyone who has spent eight years of their life studying piano is disciplined to say the least. Being around a friend like her is NOT in your best interest at this time. A friend would have pointed out at least ten reasons why she is proud to have a friend like you. You are being IRRATIONALLY hard on yourself. You need to focus on what makes you happy, NOT on what makes you BETTER than anyone else. You will NEVER NOT be UNIQUE. You will NEVER NOT be priceless and loveable. Dive into your passion for guitar with all your heart and soul. Do not, at any time, worry about who else plays the guitar better than you. Your take on the instrument and your interpetation of music will be as unique as you are. Focus on getting to know yourself better. You are being your own worst enemy. You need to cut yourself a break and open up your social life to making some new friends. You have no idea how many talents you have. You're a good writer and a very demanding critic of what and where you think you should be at this point in your life. You're further ahead of the pack than you think. It's just that you've set your sights on running against the proverbial 'Sea Biscuit' and 'Secretariet' of your community. Everything your friend is good at,...you are good at also,...or you would not be able to recognize her proficiency in those subjects. Make a list of what makes YOU happy. Spend some time with someone who really admires you. Hopefully, one day, you will learn to admire yourself and see the massive amount of hidden talents that will eventually reveal themselves. Do what you love and your talents will become obvious to all. Be happy. You are NOT competing with anyone else for love. No one is better than you. No one is judging you but you. Don't be so hard on yourself. Celebrate the eager little creature that is trying so hard to be special. You are more special and unique than you will ever know.

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