Blame Someone Else Day 2022 is on Monday, June 13, 2022: Why hasn't anyone blamed President Bush for the Indonesian deaths?

Monday, June 13, 2022 is Blame Someone Else Day 2022. Blame Someone Else Day Blame Someone Else Day

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Why hasn’t anyone blamed President Bush for the Indonesian deaths?

Bush shouldn't blamed for natural disasters. As much as I dislike our current President, I would never blame him for tsunamis or earthquakes and I never blamed him for Hurricane Katrina. Those are natural events, under no mortal's control.

What I DO blame Bush and his FEMA for, is their RESPONSE to those natural disasters. As bad as Katrina was for the whole Gulf of Mexico area (which includes Mississippi, and Alabama as WELL as Louisiana, BTW), it was Bush's FEMA which completely dropped the ball in doing its job.

I have as much accusation for the state and city government of Louisiana, but once the area became a National Disaster Area, it became a Federal responsibility, and FEMA blew it. The Gulf States are part of the UNITED STATES and therefore its citizens should have been protected and rescued to the extent possible.

I know people there refused to leave before the hurricane; I dont advocate going and FORCING evacuations (I dont even advocate living in areas where the only thing between you and the ocean is a dirt levee; sorta like those clowns who live in trailers in Tornada Alley; I mean, why is ANY of this a surprise?), and I dont blame Bush or FEMA for old people who are reluctant to uproot themselves for something they never HAD to leave for, in the past. I dont blame the government for the fact a hurricane hit the US along a predicted path. I dont blame them for the fact they slashed the budget for strengthening and maintaining those levees to help pay for Bush's unecessary tax cuts. The levees have stood for 50 years, why should they fail now? Fair enough.

What I DO blame President Bush for:

FEMA makig refugees live in squalid overcrowded stadiums, people having to deal with corpses and crackheads while FEMA was trying to figure out what to do with them all;

LA homes which are condemned due to mold infestation and rot due to delays by a clearly in-over-their-head FEMA leadership, homes which are STILL standing in 2 feet of rancid water;

Wasting $5 Billion in taxpayer money for modular homes sitting on skids unused while refugees are handed free $2,000 debit cards and chilling out on docked cruise ships, or given the money and scatterted all accross the country, to make i t impossible to track down the ones who inevitably defrauded the Govt, all courtesy of our socialist, OOOPS, I mean Republican government;

Barbara Bush thinking living in the Houston Astrodome with 40 toilets for 8,000 people is ok, since it's better than what they are used to;

Just the whole amatuerish way this disaster was handled. Again, this is AMERICA, we are supposed to be the example for the rest of the world. We should be PAST dealing with disasters as ineptly as this one was handled.

Bruce Willis has a great line in an otherwise stupid movie, "Armageddon", where he's talking to Billy Bob Thorton about NASA/s plant to blow up the killer asteroid. He says words to the effect of, "And THAT'S your plan? Whats you back up plan? Dont you have guys just thinking s*** up all day and more guys behind them, backing them up? This is the US Government we're talking about here, and this is the best you can come up with?"

I feel the same way, Bruce. Why dont we have plans for EVERY contingency, already figured out and put down on paper? When Event A happens, you immediately do B, then C, then D. If B is unavailable then move directly to E, etc? I'm not saying we need a plan for when a cloud of locusts descends on Boston Common and starts performing Shakespeare in the Park, but we're KNOW we have a lot of poorer people living in LA, we KNOW we have oil refineries and oil rigs in the Gulf, we KNOW it's an area which gets hit hard by hurricanes and we KNOW the levees protecting most of Louisiana are old and wouldnt stand up to anything stronger than a sustained category 3 hurricane. So why didnt we have plans for WHEN (not if) a Cat 5 Hurricane utterly destroys the levees and floods out the state? This eventually HAD to happen, just as tornados in Oklahoma will home in on trailer parks, so the US and FEMA should have had a plan for this eventuality. Hell, for all we know they DO have aplan, they just didnt know what the plan or where to find it or something I dunno. All I know is, this government has wasted more money than the WORST Democrat President EVER has, between this and the crap Halliburton is pulling in Iraq. $5 Billion for Katrina Aid and people STILL arent back in their condemned homes after 16 months. But thank God they arent still living in berthed cruise liners at $200 a night.

Why do blacks only blame whites for slavery?

Why do blacks only blame whites for slavery?

Because whites happen to be the only ones they can blame. Nobody else cares - least of all, the Africans. You can tell them all day long that whites were the FIRST people to realize slavery was wrong and actually DID something to change it, but they absolutely will NOT hear a word you say.

Who they REALLY need to hate, because for whatever reason they need to, is Lincoln and all of the men and women who fought and died to get their freedom. What GOOD is freedom, if you have no education, no real skills, no money, and no place to live?? Let's not forget that almost half of the whites at that time, knew that was a very BAD plan, and fought against doing it that way. It WAS a bad plan. You can't throw thousands of poor clueless people out in to reality and expect them to be able to live a proper life.

Hating us for joining everyone else in the world in having slaves, is very very ridiculous indeed. That was the way things were back then. Living in the past is not good for anyone, and it never will be good for anyone. It's a total waste of time. Go ahead and dislike the dead idiots that set your ancestors free with nothing all you want to. I wouldn't have done things that way, so leave me out of it. I just believe they hold on to it so they can rationalize hating.

Are they still blaming Bush? ?

Are they still blaming Bush? ?

The only President, Prime Minister, or leader of any nation that never blamed anyone else was President Kennedy. He said his government would create it's own identity without blame to others. Nobody has the courage these days to say that, they all want an escape exit if things seem wrong!

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