Belly Laugh Day 2024 is on Wednesday, January 24, 2024: What brings a smile to your face? What cheers you up? What makes your day & brings out a belly

Wednesday, January 24, 2024 is Belly Laugh Day 2024. Ed's R Us - Belly Laugh Day Belly Laugh Day

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Belly Laugh Day

Belly Laugh Day is really a day for getting a good chuckle at anything whatsoever. Are you aware that laughter continues to be know to causes the tissue lining our bloodstream ships to grow increase bloodstream flow? Therefore enables you to feel better, boosts your natureal defenses and usually just causes us to be feel more happy! Even just searching toward something ahead of time has similar results because the act itself! It cuts down on stress and increases chemicals which help relaxation. Let’s get people laughing anyplace!

What brings a smile to your face? What cheers you up? What makes your day & brings out a belly

I always smile when I watch my 2 cats play with my inside dog. If I need to be cheered up, I watch George of the Jungle. What makes my day, is when my 22 and 20 year old sons tell me that they Love me on the phone! What brings out a belly laugh is when my 20 year old and my husband are actually watching the same show together and start laughing. They each laugh and then they start laughing at the other persons laugh. We all usually end up laughing so much that our stomach's ache and tears are rolling down my face.

how come my friends laugh at my belly?

how come my friends laugh at my belly?

Everyone enjoys a good belly-laugh.

belly button piercing question?

belly button piercing question?

i got mine done for 150$. but only because the belly ring i was using to get it pierced was 14k gold. i went to a tattoo shop, and that's really the only place you can go. the price all depends on where you plan to go. i suggest going to yellowpages, and finding a tattoo shop in you area.

my piercer said it would take like 6 months to heal. and that you could change the bellyring after like 2 months. i changed mine after a week and it was fine.

and yeah i would do it again, because it doesnt hurt that bad, it hurt for one day, and was sore for like two more days, and then it was fine.

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