Be Kind To Lawyers Day 2021 is on Thursday, April 8, 2021: Why do lawyers need to work for long hours a day ?

Thursday, April 8, 2021 is Be Kind To Lawyers Day 2021. Celebration! April 13th is National Be Kind To Lawyers Day ... Be Kind To Lawyers Day!

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Be Kind To Lawyers Day

A day to be nice to attorneys and attempt to inject some law-based fun into your daily life (for instance, attempt DIY with a Gavel, as opposed to a hammer). Be Kind To Lawyers Day urges you to-- yes, you presumed it-- be kind to your attorney. Vineyard and eat them, sound them up and inform them the amount of you appreciate their hard work, and shower them with lawyer-themed gifts!

Why do lawyers need to work for long hours a day ?

Depends on what kind of lawyer, how motivated they are, etc.

For those lawyers who do work long days, it can be the case that something is "due" to the next day. Be it a court appearance, a brief, or something else. And it takes a lot of time to do research, worksmith, and so forth.

The other factor is that lawyers make more money the more they work, since they can bill by the hour.

Also, many people attracted to study and practice law are you're more motivated and hard working people.

(These are, of course, generalizations)

How much lawyer make these days?

How much lawyer make these days?

It would depend on what kind of law but a corporate lawyer in the USA can earn millions a year

Tell me funny lawyer stories?

Tell me funny lawyer stories?

Well, this is kind of very (mature) story, so I would stress that younger viewers or readers who cannot handle sexually explicit content, please not read any further.

So, there are these two lawyers which I was buddies with back when I used to work at a law firm. So, we went to Nevada for the Summer once. I'm not a big casino guy, but the two of them where so they did their thing, and I went around to see what Nevada was like; didn't like it much. Anyway, so, one night, one of these guys, (let's call him Tom), goes to a cat house. It's a very upscale cat house, which i'm still calling a cat house, because at the end of the day, it's still a cat house! So, he asks to have one of the girls over there for 20 mins. Now, this was the one he said he liked the most, because she seemed playful and everything. So, when he went into the room, she was teasing him and she started giving him a handjob, when all of a sudden he finished early (But Tom is never early, he's always on time according to Tom). Tom though, kindly asked that he be allowed to finish what he came their and paid to do (that is, have sex). The girl however said that her job was done and denied him further sexual services within the 20 min timeframe Tom had paid for. That night, Tom came back home and told us what happened. After laughing like idiots for 20 mins.. lol.. I suggested to him, as a joke, that he should sue the establishment.

The next morning, Tom had just come back from the post office. We asked him where he was, and he told us that he had just started a case against the establishment, and given them fair notice. Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see what he told them he was suing them for. It turns out it was for "Extortion".. lol..

Anyway.. There is this girl from the Tax Department, fellow attorney, who is looking to find the "right guy". So we went for lunch one time and she was telling me how hard she and her family have been looking. And just to lighten things up, I told her "well, seems to me like you're forgetting to ask all the right questions". She asked, "what do you mean"? I said, "Along with the traditional, do you come from a nice family, what activities do you enjoy doing, ect. You have to ask the big questions (the half-a-million dollar question)." She looked at me all baffled and asked "what question are you talking about exactly?". So, I responded, "Have you made or used your Sec. 121 election in the past two years?, because if they have, don't waste your time with them, and start looking for someone else, there're plenty of fish in the sea.." (The Sec.121 election btw, is the $500,000 exclusion from Capital Gains recognition for Married people filing jointly on the sale of thier Principle Residence). She started laughing so hard she was crying. As a joke, she asked me; "so, have you resently made a Sec.121 election in the past two years". I said "Katherine, this is a place of business, and no place to be hitting on me, at least wait till the end of the day.." Just that moment, we realized that all the Accountants were looking at us and thinking there was a genuine flirt/fling going on.. lol..

But, the most classic story I can remember was when I was reviewing job applications for paralegals with one other attorney, when all of a sudden he bursts out in laughter. I ask him what's so funny about the application, so he hands it to me to read. I'm reading when all of a sudden I get to (line 19) which asks "have you ever been convicted of a crime; If YES, please explain on line 20". The person has answered NO to line 19 but on line 20 explained, "never been caught". It turns out it was a joke that one of the Partners had cooked up for us.

Well, I hope you enjoyed at least one of these stories. I tried my best to at least contribute a funny story.

Also on this date April 8, 2021...