Bath Safety Month on January, 2023: Bath Time Safety.?

January, 2023 is Bath Safety Month 2023. Bathtub Safety‎ Shop a Variety of Bath and Shower Safety Products at the Home Depot.

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Bath Time Safety.?

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Baby Bath tub?

Baby Bath tub?

I had the fisher price bath tub when my twins were first born the one with the hamock and toys it goes in stages, byt now that my twins are 6 months I have the safety 1st tubside bath seat its so great and safe for those babies that can sit up I fill much more comfortable when bathing them and they love it. I see they enjoy there bath time much more. I would go ahead and try this tubside seat for your baby. Im giving you the link so you can see it for yourself. Best Wishes!!!

How to make the bath tub safe for my daughter?

How to make the bath tub safe for my daughter?

We had a similar case with our boy - he LOVES his bathtime - at 19 months - still LOVES his bathtime!!

Three things we needed:

We've tried a few mats - which are key - and are quite happy with the third one we bought - the rubbermaid bath mat:

(we have the 18x36 one) - stays put & works great for non-skid purposes - by far the best one yet (surprisingly huge difference in what you would think would be a rather simple item...vinyl/rubber with suction cups).

Then there's the drain stop. We have one of those metal knobs that scares the daylights out of me - especially since my son is obsessed with the water spout - the minute we turn on the water he's right there putting his hands under it & trying to get his mouth in there - all sorts of craziness. So after quite some time we finally found this thing - it's not for this purpose - it's designed to fill your bath up past the drain return - but it works for us to keep his noggin safe (since this was the 1 thing I seriously was concerned about - the knob we have is a 2" metal stick basically that if he were to slip & somehow hit his on eye on that - that would be serious damage!):

And lastly - we have a spout cover (again - something we tried two of before finding the right one):

It allows you to still access the shower knob (if you have that) without removing the cover, and does a great job of keeping the big metal spout covered (including square ones, which we have). It doens't stay put perfectly - out son kinda pulls at ours and we have to hold it & tell him no - but it works great.

As for standing - you just have to be vigilant. Our son FINALLY understands that he cannot stand up & walk around in the bath. He must sit down or we will make him sit down or take him out - one of the two. So now - the minute we stop him from doing what even might be standing up (which he rarely does) he goes back to scooting...which he loves to do - scoot from his toy bin. Not a safety product, but definitely useful - we have the kidco bin (and yet again, this would be the 2nd toy storage item we bought...we first tried the mesh bag that has suction waste of $$):

And he has fallen and bonked his head a few times - or moved to quickly & smacked it on the's just part of what happens...if you're right there watching her you'll notice when she's moving to quick or trying to do something that will inevitably end in disaster...and you just have to stop her.

Our only problem right now is getting him to not have a meltdown once we try to get him out of the bath...

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