Anne Bradstreet Day 2021 is on Thursday, September 16, 2021: How did Anne Bradstreet feel about her mother?

Thursday, September 16, 2021 is Anne Bradstreet Day 2021. Bradstreet, Anne « PoemShape Anne Bradstreet: Before the

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How did Anne Bradstreet feel about her mother?

a biography can be found at the web page (below) from there the following extract indicates she dearly cared for her mother:

Bradstreet wrote epitaphs for both her mother and father which not only show her love for them but shows them as models of male and female behavior in the Puritan culture.

An Epitaph on my dear and ever honoured mother, Mrs. Dorothy Dudley, Who deceased December 27, 1643, and of her age, 61

Here lies/ A worthy matron of unspotted life,/ A loving mother and obedient wife,/ A friendly neighbor, pitiful to poor,/ Whom oft she fed, and clothed with her store;/ To servants wisely aweful, but yet kind,/ And as they did, so they reward did find:/ A true instructor of her family,/ The which she ordered with dexterity,/ The public meetings ever did frequent,/ And in her closest constant hours she spent;/ Religious in all her words and ways,/ Preparing still for death, till end of days:/ Of all her children, children lived to see,/ Then dying, left a blessed memory.

NOTE: there is a lot more at the web page

English 3, The scarlet letter and Anne Bradstreet?

English 3, The scarlet letter and Anne Bradstreet?

Hey I am Justina,are you on flvs or e school because if you are we are classmates:)You should add me on yahoo so we can help each other out.Make sure you put them in your own words:p

1.Bradstreet using the metaphor of birds in a nest to describe her children.She explained her children as four cocks there were, and hens the rest meaning four boys and five girls.

2.The first one left to travel. The second one found a mate and went off, seemingly to follow the wind, and resides on a beach. The third one also found a mate and now resides where the sun rises [aurora] The fourth one went to school [academy] The fifth one who's 'down is yet scarce gone' spends time away from mother, exploring the area around the nest, trying to find some independence. The remaining three stayed with their mother, as they're not old enough to leave, but the mother says one day they'll be able to spread their wings and fly off.

3.The tone is bittersweet or fain. It is a mothers lament over her children growing up. And how she hopes life will be kind to them, and how she worries more now they are grown, without being able to 'watch over ' them.She hopes that what she has imparted to them will be enough and that they will be safe.'I nurst them up with pain and care'. - reveals how much she enjoyed being a mother, and yet it was painful also. 'My cares are more and fears than ever' - shows that in adulthood her 'birds' give her greater cause for concern. 'Lest this my brood some harm should catch' Motherhood will never end is another theme.

4. To talk about her to their own children, and tell them about how much she loved and looked after them.

5.Among your young ones take your rest, (Stay with your own kids) In chirping language, oft them tell, (Tell your own kids often) You had a dam that loved you well, (your mother loved you) That did what could be done for young, (did everything she could) And nursed you up till you were strong, (raised you to adults) And 'fore she once would let you fly, (before she let you leave home) She showed you joy and misery; (there was laughter and tears) Taught what was good, and what was ill, (taught right from wrong) What would save life, and what would kill. (how to look after themselves and others) That she is happy and content if they are.

Anne Bradstreet’s poem "To my dear and loving husband"?

Anne Bradstreet's poem "To my dear and loving husband"?

AHHH...i just read this like 2 days ago in class. Well anne bradstreet being in the puritan time period where women didnt have to many rights wrote poems for fun. Her brother, a publisher, saw them and posted them (apologized in the book for her being a women).

Well to the poem

its about her husband of course. She is sort of bragging that unlike most other women, she is inlove with her husband. She uses a lot of similies comparing her love to things such as gold and nature.

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