X-Ray Day 2019 is on Friday, November 8, 2019: Ray Day - X- Ray history to present day?


Friday, November 8, 2019 is X-Ray Day 2019.

X-Ray Day

Wilhelm Röntgen discovered x-sun rays on November eighth, 1895 as he discovered treated card board he was using in routine experiments glowed in a few instances – caused by radiation striking the top. X-Ray Day remembers his discovery, and all sorts of things x-ray from using x-sun rays in apparent places for example hospitals and health care, to less well-known conditions for example food safety and enhanced crop germination.

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X- Ray history to present day?

This website could be quite useful (there are two pages):

Hope this helps

How much does an x-ray REALLY cost to perform?

How much does an x-ray REALLY cost to perform?

X-ray machines cost THOUSANDS and thousands of dollars. These machines get used hundreds of times a day and you have technologists using these machines as well. Machines that are used constantly can break in only a few years, not to mention other things that might break on them

Such as:

The table, any connection problems, the console, the generator, the lights, the tube itself, collimators, filters inside and outside the x-ray tube.

Lead needs to be checked and replaced and many larger hospitals have another set of techs called QA's to look at the x-rays to see if the image is good enough for the doctors.

Some hospitals use stickers to point out certain spots on the person or to cover the nipples to avoid confusion with tumors, these are consumables. Tape is another consumable (WAY more than you might think). Gowns, sheets, and pillows [cases] all also need to be washed and/or eventually replaced.

Film is barely used anymore, but even if you don't use film you might be using cassettes, which also need to be replaced if they get worn out or break.

Theres a lot more going on in an x-ray department than you may realize.

However, anything over $200 is probably a little ridiculous if you are getting a simple x-ray done.

what will happen during a knee X-ray?

what will happen during a knee X-ray?

Right i take x-rays for a living, like 7 days a week!

you dont need to take your earings out for a knee x-ray, they wont mess with anything, if i x-rayed anything near your earings when doing a knee x-ray i would be going very wrong lol

Any way, you will just be called in to the room, the radiographer will ask you to confirm your date of birth and a few details (legal reasons). they will then position you for your x-rays, every hospital has a different protocol so cant say exactly what they will ask of you. It might be uncomfortable if you have knee troubles but try and comply and listen to what the radiographer asks the best you can.

the x-rays go on computer(usually) and your doctor will look at them for you.

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