Wrong Way Corrigan Day 2018 is on Tuesday, July 17, 2018: LGBT : Are you tired of all the stereotypes ?


Tuesday, July 17, 2018 is Wrong Way Corrigan Day 2018. Wrong Way Corrigan" Texas-born Douglas Corrigan

LGBT : Are you tired of all the stereotypes ?

OMG I WANTED TO FUCKING PUNCH MY GODDAMNCED TV SCREEN WHEN I SAW THAT.....that fucking pisses me off.....it's so fucking goddamned annoying that ppl think all gays are the same...so some gays do act like that! big deal! people can be who they want to be and i'm so sick of people acting like all gays are all "oh...my god...i broke a nail" and all lesibans are like "FOOTBALL! YEAH BITCHES!"


I find it very wrong and some day, the ignorance wil stop. We just got to hold out.

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Angel kitty turns into monster kitty (HELP!) (photos)?

Angel kitty turns into monster kitty (HELP!) (photos)?

I'd try some Feliway for the house (spray's the cheapest) -- it's synthetic odor of happy cat, and while it doesn't work on all cats, it often calms things down.

Here's how I handle a rambunctious kitten:

1) lots of toys available for them to run off steam with, including chew toys. I've had one cat that I had to give a dog's rawhide chewy to because he was such a biting cat, and if nothing else was available, a human ankle was suitable, he thought. A tired kitten is a good kitten.

2) An immediate, firm "no!". If I can see what they're thinking ahead of time, it's a long drawn out version of his/her name, eg.: "Coooorrrrrrrrigannnn!" instead of "CORRIGAN!" (which is reserved for being caught in the middle of a cat crime.)

3) If the miscreant persists, the next step up is the face push, assuming he's hanging around me. Place a forefinger on the bridge of the nose and push back about 1/4" and hold. This is the typical signal among cats that things are getting out of hand. He should back down and find something else to do, or else take off. If that doesn't stop things....

4) Time out. For us, the time out prison is the glassed in shower. All it has to be is uninteresting, escape proof and away from anything interesting. Usually 5-15 minutes will do it. I prefer not to use a crate that will later be used to transport the cat to and from the vet. Just please don't forget to let the cat out later!

5) Listen to kittens wrestle. One will start to tire, and starts in with a kitten holleration. I've translated that to a high pitched, yarbling OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! and most cats seem to understand that they're hurting me. (I usually get a disgusted look, sort of like they were saying, "wimp!".)

6) Scruffing. Grab by the scruff and lift slightly. Just enough to unweight the paws slightly, though they remain on the floor. Hold until the cat seems to be contrite, and release.

Those usually work quite well, but occasionally, different cats will react to things differently. One of my rescues was a biter, and no amount of time out or face pushes or OW! or anything else worked. I finally decided that the next time he tried to bite my hand, I'd feed him a finger, and I did... until he gagged. That was the last time he tried to bite me.

Please get your cats used to a lot of handling. Our cats get every part of the cat petted and inspected, starting with chin scritches and working up through touching paws and opening mouths and looking in ears and flipping them on their backs and touching the belly. Follow up immediately (as soon as you see the cat start to tense) with some handling they like. Having the cats so used to handling has saved us a fortune in vet bills over the years because I can inspect anything that looks wrong safely, because a trip to the vet is less stressful for the cat because the have already experienced vet-type exams at home, and because I'm often able to treat a cat and stave off a more serious illness. For instance, I have a cat that has a physical issue that sets her up for sinus infections. Because she is so used to handling, I can rinse her sinuses with sterile saline, and avoid having to give her $50 worth of antibiotics. It's a win for the cats, because they're less stressed, win for us, because we can keep better tabs on them and be safe, and a win for the vets because they can safely handle them.

This or that: similar names on my favourites list?

This or that: similar names on my favourites list?

Oh my goodness, Char! It's not every day you ask a question on here; I'm so excited!!! =D


Emmeline or Evangeline ~ EMMELINE (If I'm remembering correctly, I'm thinking you said back in one of my past Emmeline questions that you pronounce it emma-leen, right? In that case, I think I'd change my vote to Evangline. They both end in the same letters, but I pronounce them with different ending sounds: EM-uh-line and ee-VAN-juh-leen. I'm just not a fan of the pronunciation emma-leen. I think emma-leen is a legitimate pronunciation though, and maybe where you live--the UK, right?--people would pronounce it emma-leen.I live in the US and, although I've never met an Emmeline before, I'm fairly certain most people here would pronounce it EM-uh-line.)

Catherine or Madeleine ~ CATHERINE (I prefer the spelling Katherine. I have Antonia Katherine on my favorites list. I just don't like how the c-spelling looks for some reason. Catherine is a perfectly legit spelling, I'm just not a fan personally. I can't find anything "wrong" with it. Madeleine is nice, too, but I think Catherine is classier.)

Serena, Selena or Celia ~ SERENA (Serena is lovely. I've actually been thinking about it a lot lately. I may add it to my own list. I think Serena sounds much better than Selena. When I say Selena out loud the "s" and "l" tend to merge and make it sound like SLEE-nuh. I don't like that. Out of curiosity, do you pronounce Celia SEEL-yuh or SEE-lee-uh?)

Leah or Lola ~ LEAH (Leah is gorgeous! I don't really like Lola. I have a hard time picturing a human with the name. To me it sounds more like a dog, to be honest.)

Lola or Viola ~ VIOLA (I'm not fond of either, but I prefer Viola over Lola.)

Anneliese, Adeline or Adele ~ ADELINE (If pronounced ad-eh-leen; if not, then ANNELIESE. Oddly enough, I prefer the "line" ending for Emmeline and the "leen" ending for Adeline.)

Eleanora or Helena ~ ELEANORA (Eleanora is also a name I've been pondering lately. It's so elegant and classy.)

Isobel or Amabel ~ ISOBEL (Isobel is pretty. My personal favorite spelling is Isabelle, but I quite like the spelling Isobel, too. Amabel sounds off to me. I'm not very familiar with it, so that may be part of the reason, but it makes me think of the much more common Annabelle/Annabel, and makes Amabel look/sound "wrong" to me.)

Ivy or Isis ~ IVY (Ivy is cute. I have an aversion to Isis. I hate how it looks and sounds. :-/)

Rose or Ruby ~ ROSE (I love Rose! I have Shannon Rose on my favorites list. Ruby doesn't feel right when I say it. It almost leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I have absolutely no idea why.)

Valentina or Valencia ~ VALENCIA (This is interesting. I don't know that I've ever seen Valencia before. Either that or it's just been a really long time. I wasn't sure at first, but I think I'm kind of liking it. There's just a distinctive sound to the name. Wait...I don't even know if I'm pronouncing it correctly. Is it vuh-LEN-see-uh?)


Alexander or Alastair ~ ALEXANDER (Alexander is ok. I neither love it nor hate it. I don't like Alastair. I dislike how it sounds. It's just not my taste, I guess.)

Alastair or Oliver ~ OLIVER (I'm not very fond of either one, but I prefer Oliver over Alastair.)

Oliver or Elliott ~ ELLIOTT (I have Elliot Raymond on my favorites list.)

Elliott or Everett ~ ELLIOTT (I've never liked Everett much.)

Leo/Leon or Lucas ~ LEON (I have Bennett Leon on my favorites list, as well as the feminine Leona.)

Andrew or Arthur ~ ARTHUR (I don't mind Andrew, but I love Arthur, and to me it is just so much more interesting than Andrew. I have Edwin Arthur and Arthur Miles on my favorites list)


Well, after I finished my answer, Y!A told me that it was too long. So I made it short enough to submit and I'll e-mail the rest to you!

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