World Sleep Day 2020 is on Saturday, March 14, 2020: Is there any snake. in world that can sleep for 365 days?


Saturday, March 14, 2020 is World Sleep Day 2020.

Is there any snake. in world that can sleep for 365 days?

All of them. Then they wake up at night to hunt for food. Or you could say are there any snakes' that can sleep for 365 nights' . Yes. they wake in the day, like people do.

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Happy WORLD SLEEP DAY- March 16?

Happy WORLD SLEEP DAY- March 16?

There is an actual WORLD SLEEP DAY holiday? What you say is correct, sleep insomnia affects many people in the world.

world’s non sleep champion?

world's non sleep champion?

Sleepless in Penzance

Tony Wright from Penzance has managed to break the world sleep deprivation record set by Randy Gardener 43 years ago, by staying awake for more that 11 days. People around the world watched his progress on a live webcam when he began on May 14.

At 6.00am on May 14 2007, Tony Wright, began his quest to break the 43 year old world sleep deprivation record. The event took place at The Studio Bar in Penzance Cornwall and people from around the world logged on the the live webcam to watch him.

On Friday May 25, at around 6.15am the Studio Bar erupted into cheer as Tony Wright broke the current record of 264 hours (11 days) which was set by 17 year old Randy Gardner in 1964 as part of a student science project in San Diego.

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