World Porridge Day 2019 is on Thursday, October 10, 2019: slimming world extra easy breakfast help?


Thursday, October 10, 2019 is World Porridge Day 2019.

World Porridge Day

The goal of Porridge Day would be to raise money for non profit organizations (mainly Mary’s Foods) who provide healthy daily foods and education to depriving children in developing nations.

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slimming world extra easy breakfast help?

WTF? This is insane!

have porridge with milk and fruit. This should keep you going for a few hours. You can't go 11 hours without food.

snack-a-jacks are junky sugary processed stuff. Eat real food.

1800 calories a day, doesn't matter what time.

Do you cook porridge during Ramadhan? If so, care to share your favorite recipe?

Do you cook porridge during Ramadhan? If so, care to share your favorite recipe?

by porridge, you mean oatmeal?

Here in SaudiArabia.. we use oats as a thickner in soups.. and we do have a soup exclusive to Ramadan made with oatmeal.. we boil up bits of lamb or beef with a bit of onion, garlic, some arabic mixed spices, some pureed tomato till the meat is about to fall apart tender, then add a couple heaping tablespoons of oats to the broth.. then let it boil till you cant see the oats anymore.. it comes out a very rich tasty thick soup...

we also serve something called Harees.. which isnt really the rolled oats.. its more of the whole grain.. you boil whole grain wheat for about 2 hours along with water, salt, some boullion cubes, a chopped tomatoe and some lamb meat or chicken.. water choice of meat.. till the whole thing is super soft. then before serving.. you remove all the bones, and beat the mixture with a huge wooden spoon till it becomes sticky and thick.. you serve in in a flat dish.. and spreed some ghee (whole milk butter fat) on the top... its a traditional saudi dish during Ramadan...

Slimming world meals?

Slimming world meals?

surely you are allowed to have other good food like porridge in the morning which will make you feel full for the day. Also vegetables surely are allowed as this is classed as 5 of your day, sorry i dont understand the slimming world diet as to me pasta and jacket potatoes are high in carbs which gain weight if not ate at the right time of the day. I done the low in carbs diet and lost weight over 4 months with regular exercise. I ate 3 small healthy meals a day and it worked wonders for me!

Also on this date Thursday, October 10, 2019...