World Goth Day 2020 is on Friday, May 22, 2020: I want to be a goth, But how do i tell my mom?


Friday, May 22, 2020 is World Goth Day 2020.

I want to be a goth, But how do i tell my mom?

A lot of goths have very is liar problems to yours. They are worried about their parents' reaction/s. they are concerned about what their attitude/s towards the gothic subculture will be like and whether or not they will be prejudiced against it. Here are some tips about how to get around your parents when it comes to the gothic subculture:

1. First of all, be tactful. Wait until a good moment comes along before you start explaining it to them. Wait until they are really happy and calm, and you are on their good side. To help make that moment come faster, try doing chores, making meals and/or creating snacks for them, but don't overdo it. If you suddenly start just doing loads and loads of good stuff that you would never normally do, they may get suspicious. Just do a few good deeds for them, listen to them and try to do as they say for a while.

2. Secondly, try just adding a small gothic accessory to your attire. It may be just a little skeleton bracelet or even a black cross or something similar. When they see it, and ask about it, try just saying something like "It's just a little accessory of mine. It's pretty, isn't it?"

3. The next day, add just a little more gothness to yourself. Try reading a gothic novel or short story (Edgar Allan Poe comes to mind here). Let them see what you are reading and then explain what the story is about. This may then lead to a good moment to explain that this is the sort of thing that you are interested in at the moment.

4. On the next day, add just a little more gothness to yourself. Try going onto "gothic" websites such as this one here and letting them see the sites that you are on.

5. At this point, they may well ask you "Why are you so interested in all this gothic stuff all of a sudden?" To this, I would suggest that you say something like "It's just a new interest of mine..."

6. This is where you really get into the gothic subculture. Try looking up about gothic music (did you know that goths, under the modern definition, were originally just big fans of music like "Bela Lugosi's Dead" and Batcave Rock? Goth is a music-borne subculture...) and listening to some of it. Also, try looking up about vampires, watching a few vampire movies (if you are prone to being scared by things like vampires and/or vampire movies, "The Little Vampire" and "Twilight" are good ones to start with). You could also try looking through a few vampire books, looking up about them online and/or reading a few vampire short stories, such as those on the "Simply Supernatural" website. Many goths are very interested in vampires.

7. Pick a good moment and then tell your parents that you are a goth and explain what this means to them. Explain the history if the subculture to them as well.

8. This one is VERY important. Dispel the myths that there are about goths. Explain to them that goth is not evil. Also, please do not forget to tell them and explain to them that goths do not always do drugs (in fact, I have heard one story about a goth whose mother was always saying stuff like "oh, why can't you just be normal like my friends' kids?", but then all of their mother's friends' so-called "normal" kids/teenagers ended up getting into drugs. The goth was the only one out of that group of youngsters that did not end up getting into drugs). Explain to them that goths do not always do alcohol and that we are not always devil-worshippers and that most goths are, in fact, nice people. Watching and then showing them this video may help you here:

9. Try just being polite and telling them that you would like to go clothes shopping one day soon (this is to get some good gothic clothing for yourself). After you have persuaded them to take you clothes shopping or let you go and do it yourself, try politely telling them what sort of clothing you will be looking to buy and then saying that you would like to get your own clothes out every time you change and then politely explaining why.

Best of luck.

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what in the world is a goth?

what in the world is a goth?

A goth is a person who's inside of the gothic subculture. The gothic subculture is born in the 70's in London, and is a music-based one. Gothic genres are: post-punk, deathrock, gothic rock and darkwave. A person who has a big interest in this kind of music, and gets in touch with the subculture, is a goth. It has nothing to do with vampires, horror, Satan, beauty in darkness, Poe, being mystic, nor music, stop it. The ones who say goths have centuries of history behind of them, that they are sons of the night, they have transcended reality and that they mourn society and suffers for humanity...just have no idea. Some good goth bands are: Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Joy Division...there are thousands. Marylin Manson it's not gothic, nor does gothic music. The same for gothic metal (as Nightwish, Sirenia, Tristania, Lacuna Coil...), and pop/rock trying to be gothic metal (HIM, 69 Eyes, Evanescence...) All the stuff about beauty in darkness,'s part of the scene, the ambient, not the subculture. They are quite related, and when we talk about goths further than music interests, we have to metion B-series movies, specially with zombies; we have to mention morbid things, but with a macabre and sarcastic point of view, we have to talk about the Batcave, about a lot of can be soooo sinister and not be goth, the same as you can be goth and hate dead, darkness and all that stuff. Normally, goths are a little bit sinister, it's true. They like terror books, horror movies, gore, blood.... But with fun, or not. Whatever. You're goth if you listen to gothic music. Not for anything else. You can be goth and be a priest. The clothes, we like them. Why can't I use the clothes I prefer? They're not so normal, yes. We're all different, so talking about normality is absurd, we are all different. I like death, cemeteries, Baudelaire,...Burton, gore, blood, zombies, dancing weird, drawing sinister little girls like Lenore, I like writting dark poetry, I like winter , it's beauty, I can see an inefable beauty in pain, as in joy. I don't want to die, but death can be beautiful, too. As life. But I'm not goth for this. I'm goth because I enjoy and love so much this music, is like my food, an every-day pleausure. It's pleausure for me. That's why I'm gothic...the other things...they are my interests, a lot of goths like that stuff, but, as me, they love the music, that's why they are goths. And, by the way, I'll show you some quite good videos about what does the gothic music express, the scene, the people...

Here they are:

(this is the Batcave, here the subculture founds it craddle, its mythic)

(soooooooo goth)

Only actual goth ppl plz!!! Would like to know more about yall?

Only actual goth ppl plz!!! Would like to know more about yall?

1. yes it is a stereotype!!Goths can believe in anything they want,they can be christians,wiccans,atheists etc.!!It doesn't mean that they're all the same,they're just open minded ppl..!!

2.It's not like you dress Goth or listen to Goth music since the day you're born!!But you realize at some point that you have this whole way of thinking and you start to like things that a lot of Goths do!!You start to identify with the Goth subculture!!

Like the style,music,art etc.!!You realize that you're different from the "normal" ppl and you like things that others reject or are afraid of!!You find beauty where others can't!!

The answer to your question is that deep inside you're naturally goth but you realize it later and you choose to be "officially" one!!

3.The clothes and the make up i get them either at stores that have that type of clothing(not hottopic,it's for pozers and we don't even have one here fortunately),but i might find sth i like in other stores too...!!As for the make up i'm kinda pale so i don't have to do a lot,i just buy what i need from mac or sephora or that kind of stores!!

4. Personally i don't listen only to Goth music,i listen to Rock,Metal in general,Classic,Celtic/Irish,Industrial etc.!!But a few of my favorites are: Paradise Lost,Sisters of Mercy,Joy Division,Theater of Tragedy, Mortal Love,Nox Arcana,Bauhaus,Dead Can Dance,Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds,Virgin Black......!!!

5. My favorite part of being Goth is that i can be myself without caring what others think!!And that i learn so many things about a world that i had no idea that existed when i was younger and i thought i was the only weird one!!:P

I can find more easily ppl that we have things in common than before!!

There aren't a lot of things that i don't like,it's just that i don't like it when ppl think that Goths are satanists and they're bad ppl,who are sad,suicidal and have depression!!!Just cause we wear black or we like different things that they don't!!Also just cause some pretend to be Goths and they're just pozers or mall goths they think that we are all like that!!They think that's how all Goths are!!Those pozers give as a bad name just cause they want to get other ppl's attention!!

6. Well,ppl made fun of me since the day i was born so i'm kinda used to it!!Now they don't really say much about how i dress or what i like,only sometimes!!But i'm not a kid,i'm 22 years old, so younger ppl can't say the things that they tell to kids in high school!!It doesn't bother me if they say anything cause i know that i like myself for who i am and how i dress and i don't really care about what they think!!

And i also know that ppl judge everything different!!Even when i didn't know about Goth, ppl where making fun of me and made me feel terrible,even when i tried to fit in!!So there's no point in feeling bad anymore!!It's their problem not mine!!They don't deserve my attention!!

7. Yes i have friends who are not Goth..!!I don't judge them for what they like and they don't judge me!!But they're just a few,cause it's difficult to even go out if you have different interests!!For example i had a friend(not Goth) and we were ok but every time we wanted to go out there was a problem since i didn't want to listen to the songs ppl listen here and she only listen to those songs!!I told her we could go somewhere with pop music(a compromise) but she said she only liked that type of music(even though i went 3-4 times to the places she wanted)!!So i got bored of going where she wanted and the fact that she didn't made a compromise!!

I told this story to explain that it's difficult most of the time to have friends who are so different(at least here)!!

8. Listen to music,read books,learn new things in general,hang out with friends,watch movies etc..!!

It's nice that you're asking Goths and not ppl that have no idea cause they say things that are not true!!

Keep searching for Goth music,you can find great bands!!;)

Also on this date Friday, May 22, 2020...