World Down Syndrome Day 2020 is on Saturday, March 21, 2020: Baby with down syndrome scare Encouraging words needed?


Saturday, March 21, 2020 is World Down Syndrome Day 2020. Global Down Syndrome Dedicated to research, education, medical care and advocacy

Baby with down syndrome scare?? Encouraging words needed?

If I were you, Id be LESS worried about the baby having Down syndrome and MORE worried about your baby having a heart defect. People with Down syndrome these days live very fulfilling lives and can accomplish a lot, some get college degrees and get jobs and get married. Down syndrome isnt the worse thing that could happen to your baby, I would say a heart defect should be a concern though. I feel for you. I was told my son had a 1% chance of having DS. My son was born with mosaic Down syndrome and has had two heart surgeries. He is very bright and beautiful, hes almost two so he can also be a pain in the butt, but I wouldnt change him for the world. The surgeries were hard to go through. I know you wanted happy encouraging words that your baby probably doesnt have DS, but the reality is its a possibility and its OK, you will love your child no matter what, and they will continue to amaze you everyday no matter what their genetic makeup, but especially with DS. I suggest you do some research just in case, I didnt, and I was very scared and sad when my son was born but happy too of course but still, I didnt know what DS was and I had such a false idea of what people with DS are really like so I will list some sites here ok.

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Can fish have down syndrome?

Can fish have down syndrome?

fish chromosomes are very different than ours. most could have trisomy 21 (which is down syndrome in humans) but it would not have the same effects as with us. there may be a defect which has similar effects, but it would not be down syndrome.

make it a good day

Why the human world is full of Suffering?

Why the human world is full of Suffering?

Either because,

a) Some chick ate an apple six thousand years ago

b) Greed

c) Too many people are having babies in africa, the human genome isn't perfect with down syndrome, autism, antisocial personality disorder, serial rapists, babies being born with tumors on their faces which are inoperable, some dude fucked a monkey because he couldn't get any pussy back in his town so everyone has aids

But good shit does go down, I see it every day. They just don't show it on the news. Heroic acts in war, people pulling over on the highway to help little old ladies change a blown tire, firefighters risking their lives for a paycheck, dolphins chillin' in the ocean, black dudes smoking the ganja, the millions of teachers, psychologists, doctors, priests, rabbis and holy men who help billions of people cope with their lives. I don't think when the world is fully developed, where there is no third world country there will be as much suffering. Just think that 2000 years ago you could be killed for being a witch, getting raped or just because some dude named god wanted frogs to fall from the sky. How much we have learned and will learn. If we do die in 80 years, you better make it one hell of a life because your not going to live forever. Do what you can that makes you feel happy.

And have you ever been in love? That feelings the best thing in the world <3

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