World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2019 is on Sunday, April 28, 2019: Looking for health spa days massage in Hong kong?


Sunday, April 28, 2019 is World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2019.

Looking for health spa days/ massage in Hong kong?

Assuming you are a female, sorry, the choices are few due to safety and sanitation concerns. It's best you spend some time with your conceige to get some recommendations.

Don't ever ask the bellboys or taxicab drivers. Those are for men and it's an entirely different world there.

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What culture in the world do you admire most?

What culture in the world do you admire most?

The real Islamic culture which appeared at early ages of Islam, but unfortunately the now a days Moslems not related to this culture, but they made a new bad culture giving it the name only of Islamic culture.

Why I chose the OLD Islamic culture?

Because it concerns the improvement and safety of every individual and entire community on physical and spiritual levels, so keep real happiness for all people based on physical and spiritual health.


This culture enforces you to improve yourself, keep your health, allow you to do all good and benefits, prevents you from all harmful action and things, so keep inner peace, outer peace and community peace.

Also it has a social system prevents a lot of injustice like poverty, spinsterhood, harming others even by words, street kids phenomenon…. etc.

I wish to go back by time to join this culture

Is Suffolk UK the Tattletale capital of the world?

Is Suffolk UK the Tattletale capital of the world?

These are lumber jacking stilettos buster. You might think it's smart to hike through the forest in your Gucci loafers but we know from hard experience that when balancing on a felled log its stilettos that give the grip. They have to be red for health and safety reasons and I shave my legs to get a better grip when shinning naked up trees. The Suffolk arborist kilt is worn as a safety parachute in case of a fall. Its about time you stopped carping and got a job... and a haircut. (my friend chainsaw Raymondo does wonderful highlighted pig tails. Very useful for tying onto a branch when operating a big chainsaw up a massive tree.)

Also on this date Sunday, April 28, 2019...