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I hate to be that person moaning but that is way too little. I do 2 hours exercise 5-6 days a week and I am almost 21. I eat the full whack of 2000 calories and I even have a condition called PCOS which makes losing weight difficult yet I am still only 108lbs at 5ft 4.

You CAN eat and be slim. I've been through eating disorders and this is a far more pleasant way to stay slim, trust me. Your body needs at least 1200 cals a day to function correctly and this increases if you are athletic.

I don't know how old you are but drastic measures like this can cause infertility, hair loss, depression and all sorts of dire things that you do not want.

So eat a little more and exercise lots and you'll be slim AND healthy :)

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I’m gaining weight and I don’t know why?

I'm gaining weight and I don't know why?

That's not much, make sure you weigh yourself at the same time of the day, you're lightest first thing in the morning. Also you can gain weight around the time of your monthly, but you are of fine weight and still growing, don't sweat it too much :) I've gained about 10 lbs recently but not noticeable much on my stomach. Most of it went to my hips and bust. Which I'm great full for lol!

How do I measure food for weight gain?

How do I measure food for weight gain?

Ok I got you.

1. Herbert is wrong. 62g is the actual weight. So if I buy a little food scale and put a scoop of the protein on it, it will weigh 62g which means that's one serving. One serving is equal to however many protein carbs and fats it has.

Protein is to build tissue and yes muscle. Very important to bulk up.

Carbs are like your body's fuel source. If u don't have a lot of carbs you don't have a lot energy and your body will turn some the protein u get into energy.

Fats are to regulate hormones and do basic body functions like have healthy skin and all that.

Now on calories. Herbert was right on this

1g of fat is 9 calories

1g of carb is 4 cal

1g of protein is 4 cal

If u wanna gain weight do this

Take a number between 12-15 based on your daily intensity 12 is sitting all day 15 is running all day and x it by your body weight

That's how much calories you need to maintain your current weight. You can see how many cal something has by looking at the back (cont)

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