Wear Brown Shoes Day 2020 is on Friday, December 4, 2020: wedding day shoes !!?


Friday, December 4, 2020 is Wear Brown Shoes Day 2020. Sailor Eris pose and attack by Ravenwinona21 on deviantART Dec 4th Wear Brown shoes day

Wear Brown Shoes Day

Tired of putting on black footwear? Wear Brown Shoes Day may be the answer! Shake some misconception just a little and switch as much as school or work putting on brown footwear, and become the envy of your buddies!

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wedding day shoes !!?

I found some nice dressy shoes from Go Jane.com that you would like. Also, they are not that high. I recommend the shoes from the first link because they seem more age appropriate for you and comfy. But it's your decision that matters not mine! These shoes are budget friendly so you don't have to worry about spending alot.

For make-up:

Enhance a warm complexion with shadows that range between soft orange and rust, from honey to cinnamon. Choose liners that are soft to rich brown, and opt for brown or brown- black mascara.

Complement cooler complexions with shadows in varying shades of blue, purple and pink. Go with liners that are slate gray to soft purple, and wear black or dark gray mascara. Green flatters skin that has both warm and cool undertones. Blue-greens complement cooler complexions, and brownish, earthy greens enhance warmer ones.

Add glamour to a warm complexion with coppery or golden shadow. Pearly purple or silvery blue shadows will glamorize a cooler skin tone.

what shoes will look good with this dress? [PICS]?

what shoes will look good with this dress? [PICS]?

If you are planning to wear a brown belt then shoes should be brown ... you can wear flats during the day but in evening go with some heels and strappy footwear

Did hippies wear a lot of brown?

Did hippies wear a lot of brown?

well hippies are really into the earth, natural and organic things. Brown is a natural color found in nature quite often. You're outfit sounds great- the flowers are a great choice. As for shoes, i would go with sandals- that is what most hippies wear. And remember, wear your headband like this:

Also, what might work if you do not want to look ALL BROWN, is to wear a tie-dye shirt if you have one.

If not, your outfit is good :)

Also on this date Friday, December 4, 2020...