Vinyl Record Day 2018 is on Sunday, August 12, 2018: Vinyl Records?


Sunday, August 12, 2018 is Vinyl Record Day 2018.

Vinyl Record Day

Vinyl Record Day is organised by (you suspected it) the Vinyl Record Day Company – a not-for-profit organisation devoted to identifying the protecting vinyl music, its culture, art and seem. Although you can pull out some old vinyl records, you might be surprised to locate many modern artists creating music in vinyl format to supply a more potent, more immersive experience.

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Vinyl Records?

Well, you do not need anything special for keeping records. All they need is to be stood up, vertically. So, I suggest "cube" shelves. These are stacking boxes. Get the ones with dividers and stack 'em up. The dividers should be about 4"-6" apart to limit how far the albums can lay over. Places like Ikea, Cost Plus and others have relatively cheap units. I have a wall unit with adjustable shelves and dividers that I had custom made by a cabinet maker which cost me $400 plus some elbow grease because I did the wood finish myself. I just lacked the carpentry skills to do the fabrication.

How did people record vinyls to cassette tapes back in the day?

How did people record vinyls to cassette tapes back in the day?

The crudest way to do it is to use the cassette recorder's built-in microphone. Just stick it close to the stereo (vinyl record player) speakers. Although it was possible to use the mic-in and headphone ports, it produced too much noise from non-standard current amounts. A better way which audiophiles preferred more was to connect the line-out port of the stereo to the line-in port of the cassette recorder. Cheap cassette recorders didn't have that port so one would have to buy a relatively more expensive cassette recorder to get better results.

If you happen to hear the sound from a brand spanking new vinyl played on a very capable stereo or a recording of it on a high frequency metal cassette tape, you'll definitely wonder where all those sounds are in the digital version. Digital music is bland compared to vinyl.

Where to buy vinyl records?

Where to buy vinyl records?

vinyl records are rare these days you could lucky get one from a flea market

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