Tiara Day 2021 is on Monday, May 24, 2021: Wearing a tiara?


Monday, May 24, 2021 is Tiara Day 2021. is this strange … or what Tiara Day's trademark slogan

Tiara Day

Tiara Day is really as much about women honoring being empowered, intelligent leaders in charge that belongs to them lives because it is about putting on tiaras. Still, you are able to embrace both approaches and celebrate having a physical and/or metaphoric tiara!

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Wearing a tiara?

That is so sweet. I am wearing a tiara for my wedding day. It is my grandmas and its beautiful. Its small and ivory and doesn't stand like 5 inches off your head and blind anyone when the light hits it like some do. Its simple and beautiful. Congrats by the way. :0)

Tiaras? Bit too much?

Tiaras? Bit too much?

There are nice tiaras out there that are not to big and aren't pageant looking. most bridal stores will have one.Michaela's craft stores even have them. Davids bridal has then too.

Here is the thing if a girl can not wear one on here wedding day then when can she wear one? You are a princess that day no matter if you are getting married at a Judges hall or the most lavish ceremony on platinum weddings. Wedding are becoming more about the business of wedding and are losing the romance. I think if you want to wear one then you should and it will look great. Good luck with your wedding.

Did you wear a tiara on your wedding day?

Did you wear a tiara on your wedding day?

Nope, I wore a crystal headband (and a Cathedral length veil). But I say if you want to wear one, go for it!

I normally am not a tiara fan, but your tiara is nice and looks good on you!

Have fun trying different hairstyles with it!

P.S. Your picture caption made me laugh out loud!

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