Syttende Mai Day 2019 is on Friday, May 17, 2019: What are some traditional norwegian holidays?


Friday, May 17, 2019 is Syttende Mai Day 2019. Syttende mai” – the Norwegian constitutional day :) « Cecilia Frid ... “Syttende mai” – the Norwegian

What are some traditional norwegian holidays?

Jul - 24.12 every year

The Christians stole this tradition from all over the world, but in Scandinavia they couldn't change the name. So it is basically like Christmas, and most people think that it is all about Jesus, but it isn't.

17th may - liberation day.

We just call this day "syttende mai" wich can translate to "May Seventeenth". Most nations have parades with tanks and other military stuff. We have children parading waving flags and singing songs.

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Nothing to do but Stay by Carrie Young?

Nothing to do but Stay by Carrie Young?

From Publishers Weekly

In eight enjoyable anecdotal essays, Young ( Green Broke ) offers a glimpse of the challenges and rewards of 20th-century pioneering life in North Dakota. In 1904, her Norwegian-born mother, Carrine Gafkjen, age 25, set out alone from Minnesota and staked a 160-acre claim; in those early days she walked five miles to a creek to wash her clothes and fetch drinking water. At 34, when she married homesteader Sever Berg and he moved onto her property (which was larger than his own), she became a prairie housewife, turning out five meals a day and preparing Norwegian specialties such as lefse, a 24-inch potato pancake baked directly on top of a cast-iron range. Young and her siblings endured their own trials, notably their efforts to herd their mother's flock of turkeys--animals, she wryly notes, that are "congenitally indisposed to the principle of herding." Here too is celebration, like Syttende Mai (Norwegian Independence Day), a holiday ignored by the women, but which the men spent drinking and "swearing deathless allegiance" to the Old Country, "on which most of them had never laid eyes."

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What do you say on 17th may in Norway?

What do you say on 17th may in Norway?

The two most used greetings on May 17th:

God 17. mai! / God syttende mai!

Good/Happy 17th of May!

(The spelling is not "søttende", and it has nothing to do with søt/sweet.)

Gratulerer med dagen!

Congratulations with the day! (Also used on birthdays.)

Anything with "constitution day"/"grunnlovsdag" is rarely used. "The 17th of May" is so baked into the history and language of Norway that it has become an independent term. You can often fool someone for a few seconds if you ask what date the 17th of May is on.

Children in the parades usually exclaim "Heia!", simply a generic cheer. Which I'm going to be doing in an hours time.


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