Swap Ideas Day 2020 is on Thursday, September 10, 2020: Does anyonne have any girl scout swap ideas for world thinking day?


Thursday, September 10, 2020 is Swap Ideas Day 2020.

Swap Ideas Day

The precise roots of Swap Ideas Day are unknown. However, it's thought the creator of the day is Robert Birch. It was not his only unusual idea because he can also be considered to have invented other strange festivities including Lumpy Rug Day, Trivia Day and also the bizarrely named Nothing Day.The concept behind Swap Ideas Day is the fact that everyone will get together to switch ideas. People celebrate this occasion by hooking up with others to talk about ideas and ideas. You will find no rules setting out the character from the suggestions to be shared, thus making Swap Ideas Day a perfect chance for individuals to become as creative and crazy because they as with their ideas in addition to gaining knowledge from the minds of others.

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Does anyonne have any girl scout swap ideas for world thinking day?

Well you could have the girls make different food from other countries , do other countries children's games, dances, or songs . Possibly learn a couple of different words from a certain culture .

Quick Vegan Meal Ideas?

Quick Vegan Meal Ideas?

Whole grains are nutrient dense and relatively low in calories, and don't need to be feared. Yes do respect them and control your portions. You can swap out that pasta for a lot of different things: couscous, barley, quinoa, brown rice. You can also get some good carbs from sweet potatoes, beans, lentils, and such. They are slow release carbs that don't interfere with blood sugar, so they are a solid source of fuel and energy...when you do eat carbs choose this kind of stuff, instead of refined carbs, white potatoes/sugar/rice/pasta or processed desserts and candy etc.

For the most part, vegan cooking is pretty inexpensive. There are a great many real life super foods that are humble and cheap: whole carrots and most other root vegetables, hot peppers, green bell peppers, green cabbage, garlic, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas...all lovely and easy and cheap all times of year. You can also get minimally processed items: canned beans and tomatoes and veggie stock, frozen mixed veg and broccoli, and dried beans and lentils. These kind of things and other seasonal bargains, should be the foundation of your pantry and your cooking. Then sprinkle in some things that are a little more expensive or decadent to keep it interesting.

If you are in an apartment or whatever (regular kitchen) you can roast almost any veg, single or in combinations, with just olive oil, salt and pepper, in a hot oven for a half hour. You can have a grain going on the stove at the same time, and add them together at the end. You can add lots of variety with your choice of seasonings, garnishes, and ethnic influences.

Your cheapest protein probably will be beans, they average $1 a pound. They are so easy to prepare. If you have a crockpot, start them while you prepare dinner the night before. Rinse them, then store overnight in a lidded container well covered with water. The next morning change the water and set it all up with seasonings while you nibble on your breakfast, and let them cook all day. When you come home, make a salad to finish your dinner. Do watch your labels, some beans take longer to soak. But lentils and split peas can be prepared within the hour if you want a quick meal.

Keep some fav spices, garlic, onions, olive oil, hot sauces, flavored vinegars and mustards around. They can add a healthy flavor boost to almost all of your food. You can build your stash 1-2 items a week until you have a really nice selection on a budget. You might also want to plant some fresh herbs in a pot to keep on the patio or balcony, or in the kitchen window. If you enjoy growing plants, you can also do some cherry tomatoes.

I keep sharing this post after post. I think they are so easy for snacks:

Buy a some 50c/lb bananas, eat what you can. When they start to get spotty, peel and freeze them whole in a sealed container. Then when you want a super quick smoothie, whiz up a frozen banana in a cup of non-dairy milk for a simple simple smoothie. You get a carb/protein/fat, some fiber and potassium....a nice small meal or balanced snack. You can add vanilla for a bit of flavor, and/or peanut butter to keep you full a little longer.

GORP...good old raisins and peanuts...a super simple trail mix. Dump equal amounts in a container or zipper bag and shake it up, pack for snacks or anytime you need a quick fix. Gorp covers all the food groups, as well as getting those salty/sweet, chewy/crunchy cravings. So it is super satisfying. You could pulse it up for a little twist on goober grape, and put it on bread or tortilla. You can certainly flesh out this recipe with any number of things: chocolate chips/carob chips, or any dried fruits, nuts, seeds, even coconut and such...whatever. But you asked for simple and cheap. Peanuts and raisins. Ta DA!

The best breakfast for almost anyone in the world is whole rolled oats. THE KIND IN THE ROUND BOX, not the shitty packet stuff. They are $2.00 for a huge box of store brand oats. They take about 3 minutes in the microwave. You can add different things depending on your needs and your taste: maple syrup for energy, molasses for iron, some nuts or peanut butter for protein, some raisins or dried apricots for potassium, some cinnamon to balance blood sugar, or some applesauce for vitamin C. Have a glass of almond milk on the side, or cook your oatmeal in it for some protein.

Craft/sewing swap?

Craft/sewing swap?

I do, but I wouldn't want to do the postage. But I think it's a great idea for your local neighborhood! You could try it as a 1-day event, then see if people would want to do it on a regular basis. We all have leftover stuff from projects that we won't use but can't stand to throw away!

Another possible idea - one church group near my house has a tag sale once a year where you rent a table and sell your leftover craft supplies. They keep the money from the table, and you keep what you make from your stuff.


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