Relaxation Day 2020 is on Saturday, August 15, 2020: Relaxation Day?


Saturday, August 15, 2020 is Relaxation Day 2020. National Relaxation Day August 15 Infographic National Relaxation Day 2013

Relaxation Day

Slow down… breath, and relax. Relaxation Day is about winding lower and merely relaxing. If you are lucky enough to get possess the break work, have a quiet morning watching television in the sofa, and possibly consider some light gardening within the mid-day – all within the spirit of relaxing!

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Relaxation Day?

I think it would be great.*

techniques for relaxation?

techniques for relaxation?

Set aside time for yourself, each day if possible. Make a list of things you love and pick from the list, either when you're feeling stressed, or when it's "your time" that you've scheduled or set aside. It could be something as simple as taking a bath, getting a massage from a loved one, getting a hair cut; or it could be something more extravagant, like a day trip to the beach or going to a spa.

I always try to remember the phrase "choose your battles wisely." Not everything in life is as serious and as big a deal as we often make it...and dealing with kids, discipline, etc. can often punish us in the end!

If you have a husband/wife/partner, try to make the chores of cooking, cleaning, and caring for the kids even.

Last, but not least, try to have something to look forward to each day, whether it's something that's coming up later in the day, or something that's a month away. I ALWAYS feel better when I can look forward to a positive "future."

Can feelings of relief/relaxation induce excessive day-time sleepiness?

Can feelings of relief/relaxation induce excessive day-time sleepiness?

Yes, one side effect of depression is drowsiness. Additionally if you sit around and do absolutely nothing for a day, you will be as tired as if you worked all day. Its the mix of physical exersise and mental. If you do nothing, youre mentally exersising. Likewise if you work all day, you get physically exhausted. This is all based off of a physical labor vs sitting on a seat all day.

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