Queen's Official Birthday 2019 is on Friday, June 14, 2019: Whens the Queens Birthday?


Friday, June 14, 2019 is Queen's Official Birthday 2019.

Whens the Queens Birthday?

The Queen's birthday is 21st april and her official birthday is usually celebrated on the first saturday in June with the trooping of the colour parade it is known as her official birthday in June because it was the second of june 1953 when she came to the throne.

As I am sure you already know she celebrates her 80th this year

When are the Queen’s birthdays?

When are the Queen's birthdays?

Her Majesty has two birthdays, dear girl, so she can get twice as many presents as everybody else. It is a Royal Decree which was first instituted by King Arthur.

One gave her a present of a toaster for her "real" birthday, so to speak, while one went a little bit more upmarket for her official birthday by giving her a zirconia necklace from the Argos catalogue.

Why is the Queen’s Birthday celebrated in June in Australia when this isn’t even her real birthday?

Why is the Queen's Birthday celebrated in June in Australia when this isn't even her real birthday?

It has long been customary to celebrate the Sovereign’s birthday publicly on a day during the summer, when better weather is more likely.

Since 1805, the Sovereign’s 'official' summer birthday has been marked by the Trooping the Colour ceremony, normally held on the second Saturday in June. It is also marked by the flying of the Union flag on government buildings, a 42-gun salute and the publication of the birthday honours list.

No particular ceremony is held on The Queen's true birthday, although the Union Flag is flown on public buildings.

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