Pick Strawberries Day 2018 is on Sunday, May 20, 2018: Healthy breakfast recipes with freshly picked strawberries?


Sunday, May 20, 2018 is Pick Strawberries Day 2018. Pick Strawberries Day at Holiday Insights Pick Strawberries Day is a

Pick Strawberries Day

There’s nothing that can compare with in your area selected, periodic fruit – and Pick Strawberries Day is a superb excuse to see among the key popular features of the fruit calendar! Find the local ‘pick your personal fruit’ business and have a basket or two – make sure to clean your bananas and appearance that they’re safe to consume, and sweets them all at one time!

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Healthy breakfast recipes with freshly picked strawberries?

This is actually mindbogglingly UNhealthy, and can serve as both breakfast and dessert, but I made this for my cooking show the other day:

Cut up some strawberries (as many as you like, but for one serving 100g or so should be enough) and mash about a third of them with some sugar, mixing with the whole slices. Then take a large crêpe (20cm or so), heat it quickly in the microwave or on a lightly greased pan, and cover half of it with a layer of mascarpone cheese. Place the strawberries on top of the mascarpone, fold or roll, and serve with some powdered sugar.

Help picking strawberry and tomato varietys to grow indoors?

Help picking strawberry and tomato varietys to grow indoors?

There is one problem with growing strawberries indoors that they need to be left outside in Autumn and Winter as they need a chill period to initiate flowering. They then come indoors in February into a bright position and will need watering and balanced feed every two weeks until the flowers appear when you switch to a high potash liquid feed. You will also need to pollinate the flowers by hand using a small paint brush. The best varieties to go for are the perpetual or everbearing strawberries which can produce fruit from June through to October and don't throw out too many runners. Aromel has an AGM and Charlotte is a compact plant with sweet delicious fruit. There is also a climbing perpetual strawberry called Mount Everest which you might like to consider.

With tomatoes you are best to have ones with small fruit as they ripen quicker. There are super dwarfs which can be grown as houseplants such as Tiny Tim, Minibel and Micro Tom. These grow a finite number of fruits over a limited period. If you want to grow tomatoes indoors in the winter it is best to get an indeterminate type with cherry fruit that continues growing and produces indefinitely provided it has warmth and light. They can go a bit straggly though as you leave the branches to keep on growing. Either go for Tomato Sweet Million or the bushy Tumbling Tom Red or Yellow.

If you know anyone who has any tomatoes plants now that are indeterminate such as Ailsa Craig get them to let you have some of the side shoots which will need regular pinching out and pot them in a glass of water. Within 10 days they will have grown extensive roots and can be potted on. I am doing this with some of mine to put in my heated conservatory and hopefully extend the growing season into winter. Tomatoes are actually perennials but will not survive cold so are treated as annuals in UK.

Rash on arms after picking strawberries?

Rash on arms after picking strawberries?

Samantha and Lauren are right.

However, it is important that you know...that anyone can develop any type of an allergy at anytime. In other words you may not be allergic today to strawberries but tomorrow you might.

If you can take two table spoons of Benadryl every six hours for two days that will clear it up. (Only take the medication if your health permits it).

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