Pet Day 2019 is on Thursday, April 11, 2019: Doggy day care, pet sitter or crating?


Thursday, April 11, 2019 is Pet Day 2019. Vet Gazette Pet Day words and dog vg

Pet Day

Love Your Pet Day is an opportunity for those of us that have animals to reveal them just how much we like them. Now, we all can consider the standard points: a new plaything, some delicious addresses, or a long walk in the park, perhaps a game of retrieve, assuming you have a pet! But, believe outside the box and think of some suggestions to celebrate your relationship with your pet. The moment you have indulged your very own pets with their favored manages, why not consider contributing to a shelter or or other animal welfare company? There are a lot of disregarded and undesirable pets awaiting some love and attention. You could donate your time, or you could contribute meals or various other products. Every bit assists. If you do not already have an animal, exactly what far better time to adopt one? An excellent words to keep in mind is "embrace, don't look around." One more expression all pet proprietors live by is "Everyday is Love Your Pet Day".

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Doggy day care, pet sitter or crating?

If you can afford day care and have it available it's great because your dog will be socialized to get along with other people and dogs. Dog sitters are also good, especially if you have a dog that gets stressed by too much change. Some dogs prefer a quiet life over being in day care, so that's a point to consider. So other than cost considerations, it's also good to consider how your dog responds the best.

We live in an area where those things aren't available. My dog has her own room and is trained to use potty pads in emergencies. She has puzzle toys, a radio, a window, and just about everything she needs in case I have to be gone a long time. It doesn't happen often, but she's ok if it has to happen, and I'm sure she'd be fine three days a week if it was necessary.

Definitely don't crate for that long. A room or large x-pen would be a much better option if you don't have an outside kennel.


day care and pets???

day care and pets???

This is a Health Department question. Also your Director may not allow pets, it is also a big liability issue with daycares if any child accidently gets biten by a small animal. It is best to stick with fish, but your aquarium must have a filter because the HD is very particuler on how clean the aquarium must be. If you are an animal lover like myself and understand the importance of allowing children the importance of early experiences with animals (teachers empathy, compassion and understanding,) than you will most likely want to have a class pet. What you can have in your class are animals that the children cannot touch, health dep. regulations sorry. But, you can have a parakeet: you can keep the cage in a fish aquarium so that the kids cannot touch the outside cage. You can have a dwarf hamster, but it must be a plastic cage, not wire. You can have dwarf frog. You can have a garden snake. Remeber though that the HD will talk to you abou the spread of salmonella and that the children cannot touch the class pets and even if they just look at them, the HD will stay tell you to have the kids wash their hands before and afterwards ( I know the HD is extremely strict on these guidlines.) You can have a hermit crab (easiest to care for beside fish and last forever.) You can have lady bugs, an ant hill. Your best bet and so that your director lets you and the health dep. is not on your case, best to stick with: Tropical fish, Fancy goldfish, Hermit crab, or garden snake (they are harmless and kids can touch them.) Because of allergies, spread of disease etc, the heatlh deparment does not allow: Ferrets, rabbits, pot belly pigs, not usually hamsters, (unless it's a dwarf hamster), guinea pig, hedgehog, etc. Now, jsut a bit of advice, most Director's right off will say no you can't have a class pet, because they don't want to deeal with the HD. But, if you call the HD yourself, and ask them if you can have fish, a dwarf hamster, a garden snake etc, and than appraoch your director and show her that you've done all this research about it, than your Director may be more apt. to say yes, because she will see that you've invested a lot of time into throughly looking into it. As you can see, I have gone through this issue many times with Directors. It pays to do your research. Kids seem to like the garden snake or hermit crab the best. Good Luck.

Sick rabbit and PJ’s Pets 15-Day Health Guarantee?

Sick rabbit and PJ's Pets 15-Day Health Guarantee?

* 15 day health guarantee provided the small pet receives appropriate care after they leave our store.

* Any limitations to the health guarantee will be outlined at the time of sale.

* Should a health problem arise, you must contact the store immediately to validate the warranty. We will not reimburse veterinary expenses incurred without our authorization.

* If you have any problems, questions or concerns regarding the health and care of your new pet, please do not hesitate to contact the store.

* In the event of the loss of your pet within the guarantee period, please return the pet to the store with the register receipt and written invoice. We will replace the pet or provide an in-store credit for the purchase value.

* A pet will only be replaced once. There is no guarantee on the replacement pet.

* There is no guarantee on gender, temperament, age, or suitability for breeding.

* With the exception of health related issues, there are no refunds or exchanges.

in other words, you need to contact the store and find out what you need to do, since they say they don't reimburse vet expenses that they didn't authorize first

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